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14 February 2010

One Avatar - Many Faces

"In the New York Times the liberal critic Adam Cohen praises
Avatar for championing the need to see clearly. It reveals, he says,
'a well-known ­principle of totalitarianism and genocide – that it is
easiest to oppress those we cannot see'. But in a marvellous unconscious
irony, he bypasses the crashingly obvious metaphor and talks instead
about the light it casts on Nazi and Soviet atrocities."

- Avatar Review on Comment is Free by George Monbiot

Sorry? What was that again?

Silly me. There I was thinking Avatar's just a straightforward 'good vs evil - boy gets girl' kind of tale.

Should have known better.

It's really about the Nazis...or maybe communism, depending on who you ask. And if you read the comments below said article, it's obvious some viewers saw more than a new incarnation of
Dances with Wolves crossed with Ferngully.

I know 3D glasses are meant to help you see things in a different perspective, but I doubt they're meant to expand your vision in quite this fashion. It's not difficult to work out how some of us arrived at the pro-eco analogy, and perhaps the not-so-subtle jibe at colonisation. I'll admit even I noticed the parallels. But for god's sake, why spoil something by over-analysing it?

Avatar isn't supposed to be profound. It's meant to be a CGI showcase (and a damned good one it is too). That's why they kept the story simple. Many iconic films have pretty basic plots - Star Wars (I am referring to the original unremastered trilogy here, not George Lucas's later offering) and ET didn't exactly explore themes that were particularly deep, but it didn't stop generations of us from enjoying them.

Sometimes, we ought to just sit back, relax, and take entertainment at face value...And more importantly, make sure you go to the bloody toilet beforehand, because some movies are pretty long and Avatar happens to be one of them.

PS - Forgot to add...Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Valentine's Day to all, whichever one you celebrate. David has been raising awareness for Vulcan to the Sky, so to show my support, I got most of his presents either from or through their website. CNY wish to the Vulcan XH558 - Live Long and Prosper!

PS again - If you're into celluloid dissection, here's a zero-fuss Oscar breakdown on the aptly named ShortFormBlog.

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