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23 December 2009

No Sympathy for the Devil

"The brothers Munir and Tokeer Hussain were sentenced,
respectively, to 30 months and 39 months in prison last week
for beating a fleeing burglar with a cricket bat so severely
that he suffered brain damage.
Brain damage? Oh, what a shame.

They should have hit him harder...One less chav for the world to worry about.

There are not many amongst us who would grieve for the loss of yet another criminal, particularly a repeat offender who failed to learn his lesson 50 convictions ago. Most would more likely empathise with the Hussain family, and those employees who are now no doubt suffering as a result of Munir's imprisonment.

Beating the shit out of a burglar is going a bit too far, it has been noted (and rather sanctimoniously). But then again, I am not too sure how rational I would be if someone invaded my home to steal my hard-earned property, tied up me and my family, then threatened us at knife-point. Some people never recover from such an ordeal, you know.

A criminal who decides to break into someone's house should,
at the point of entry, forever leave all his rights behind. As the saying goes, if you choose to live by the sword, expect to die by it.

Some of these lowlife scum behave worse than animals...I would not even consider them human. Walid Salem had it coming.

Nevertheless, the authorities cannot be seen to condone vigilante action. As you may have noticed, I have no moral objection to taking a life as such (depending on circumstances), but we can't have everyone going around dispensing their own brand of justice. Otherwise, there would be no point in having a legal system, and it'll be chaos all round.

However, a jail term of 30 months (almost three years) is a tad excessive for a generally law-abiding citizen. That is the only true tragedy in this case. Personally, I felt all the Hussain brothers should have received was a slap on the wrist and perhaps some time doing community service.

Victims take the law into their own hands when they no longer believe in it...Were the authorities more competent, none of this would be happening. I often wonder what these people are being paid so much money to do.

Certainly not keeping the streets safe from the likes of
Craig 'Lazie' Lynch, I can tell you that!

He's not the only dangerous convict on the loose. Oh, it gets worse! But our government's more interested in taxing motorists, sending our soldiers off to die, building new airports, and fighting internet piracy of course.

Good to see they've got their priorities right!

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