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30 December 2009

Get in Line


"David never knew his real parents. He was adopted by a couple
'who never should have been allowed to have a child',
and ran away from home aged 16.

He is 40 and has lived on the street ever since. Can't he get a job?
'I have tried, but they don't take into account you might be soaked
to the skin, or exhausted.'

Do you get depressed? 'Of course I do. But I try to keep a lid on it.'

Can't the Government get you a bedsit? 'I don't want a bedsit,' he says.
'I want what you have.' " - I've Never Liked the Homeless
by Liz Jones

Oh yeah?! You, and how many thousands of others?

I want a nice big house, a highly-paid job, and lots of lovely luxuries too, but I am far far away from getting any of that.

However, if I were homeless or about to become so, I wouldn't say no to a bedsit either...And I didn't, even though it was more like a shoebox. We all have to start somewhere.

No one can help you unless you first help yourself.

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