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30 December 2009

Get in Line


"David never knew his real parents. He was adopted by a couple
'who never should have been allowed to have a child',
and ran away from home aged 16.

He is 40 and has lived on the street ever since. Can't he get a job?
'I have tried, but they don't take into account you might be soaked
to the skin, or exhausted.'

Do you get depressed? 'Of course I do. But I try to keep a lid on it.'

Can't the Government get you a bedsit? 'I don't want a bedsit,' he says.
'I want what you have.' " - I've Never Liked the Homeless
by Liz Jones

Oh yeah?! You, and how many thousands of others?

I want a nice big house, a highly-paid job, and lots of lovely luxuries too, but I am far far away from getting any of that.

However, if I were homeless or about to become so, I wouldn't say no to a bedsit either...And I didn't, even though it was more like a shoebox. We all have to start somewhere.

No one can help you unless you first help yourself.

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24 December 2009

The Apocalypse Draws Nigh

"This is the story of how the belief that the world has to fight the
threat of global warming has crept to the top of the political agenda,
to the point where, not just in Britain but across the world, governments
are solemnly discussing by far the most costly series of measures
any bunch of politicians has proposed."
I would be far more concerned about running out of fuel, if I were they.

Temperatures on earth have been rising and falling over billions of years, and evidence that man's pre-dominantly responsible is far from conclusive (particularly since our existence only counts for a tiny fraction of the evolutionary timeline). However, the danger of exhausting current energy supply is beyond dispute, and more likely to affect us sooner than the need to seek inspiration from a certain biblical shipwright.

It's difficult to decide who to believe. One minute we're being told the climate is heating up, and the next, that it's actually getting cooler. One source claims it's to do with our wanton abuse of power, and another that climate change is caused by sunspot activity or planetary movements.

If scientists bicker amongst themselves as to the cause of these changes (or worse - whether any of these changes have even occurred), who are we to turn to for a decent explanation? Politicians seem to think they're the ones to lead us out of this crisis.

That alone triggers my bullshit radar and sets off all alarms at full blast.

Don't get me wrong, I am not completely pooh-poohing warmists. Despite the alarmist attitude, these people do have a point. We haven't got an infinite amount of resources, so keep on using them and
what we have will gradually drain away. That's surely got to have some kind of impact on life around us. Assuming all emails were genuine, Climategate was a huge blow, not just to the global warming cause but to the whole environmental movement.

Eco-terrorists may not be trustworthy (or rational), yet the same could be said of sceptics who have their own selfish agenda.
Both extremes are equally harmful, and when governments start sticking their oars in, it's not just rising sea levels we have to worry's the cost as well. All this money is patching up something alright, but it's not our ecosystem.

Not one to get hysterical about CO2 emissions, I am far less likely to feel any enthusiasm when politicians (and by extension, large corporations, including those that back research teams) get involved. All this makes the stench of exploitation difficult to ignore.

It's not a worldwide conspiracy as much as it is a spectacle of human nature and public gullibility. Greed can be a great motivator. So long as there are millions still to be made from oil, the powers-that-be are hardly going to put their heart and soul into finding us an alternative...Not immediately anyway. Regardless, they must be seen to be doing something right now, if only to shut everyone up.

Oooh, here's an idea! Let's shout very loudly about what's being done to reduce our carbon footprint.

Fuel conservation, hybrid inventions, recycling, population control etc - these measures do buy us more time.
But whether in this lifetime or our descendants', that meter's bound to tick over with us humans finding ourselves the same place as the dinosaurs...So, no pressure then!

There has only ever been one answer; everything else is damage control, a means to delay the inevitable.

Unless we discover another planet to plunder, our continued survival depends very much on securing an energy supply that's renewable. Happily, the latter possibility isn't that far from fruition. We even have quite a few choices, from hydro-power to nuclear fusion. All that's required is further research and development, and someone with a bit of common sense to invest in it. Let's hope he's rich too.

Forget the doomsday scenarios you've been force-fed. If the world ends tomorrow, it'll more likely be due to the lack of anything meaningful on TV. What will the masses do now X Factor is over? And Big Brother soon to be history too. It's practically a double catastrophe!

The human race is not beyond overcoming the fuel crisis, nor is it likely to become extinct...well, not until the sun burns itself out billions of years later. But that's a different matter entirely. When that happens, we will be well and truly fucked.

Space exploration, anyone?

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23 December 2009

No Sympathy for the Devil

"The brothers Munir and Tokeer Hussain were sentenced,
respectively, to 30 months and 39 months in prison last week
for beating a fleeing burglar with a cricket bat so severely
that he suffered brain damage.
Brain damage? Oh, what a shame.

They should have hit him harder...One less chav for the world to worry about.

There are not many amongst us who would grieve for the loss of yet another criminal, particularly a repeat offender who failed to learn his lesson 50 convictions ago. Most would more likely empathise with the Hussain family, and those employees who are now no doubt suffering as a result of Munir's imprisonment.

Beating the shit out of a burglar is going a bit too far, it has been noted (and rather sanctimoniously). But then again, I am not too sure how rational I would be if someone invaded my home to steal my hard-earned property, tied up me and my family, then threatened us at knife-point. Some people never recover from such an ordeal, you know.

A criminal who decides to break into someone's house should,
at the point of entry, forever leave all his rights behind. As the saying goes, if you choose to live by the sword, expect to die by it.

Some of these lowlife scum behave worse than animals...I would not even consider them human. Walid Salem had it coming.

Nevertheless, the authorities cannot be seen to condone vigilante action. As you may have noticed, I have no moral objection to taking a life as such (depending on circumstances), but we can't have everyone going around dispensing their own brand of justice. Otherwise, there would be no point in having a legal system, and it'll be chaos all round.

However, a jail term of 30 months (almost three years) is a tad excessive for a generally law-abiding citizen. That is the only true tragedy in this case. Personally, I felt all the Hussain brothers should have received was a slap on the wrist and perhaps some time doing community service.

Victims take the law into their own hands when they no longer believe in it...Were the authorities more competent, none of this would be happening. I often wonder what these people are being paid so much money to do.

Certainly not keeping the streets safe from the likes of
Craig 'Lazie' Lynch, I can tell you that!

He's not the only dangerous convict on the loose. Oh, it gets worse! But our government's more interested in taxing motorists, sending our soldiers off to die, building new airports, and fighting internet piracy of course.

Good to see they've got their priorities right!

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08 December 2009

Santa for a Day


Sadly, I did not have any presents to give out, though I am hoping that money we raised for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust will more than make up for it.

As you've no doubt gathered by now, we took part in a charity walk which also required us to dress up as Santa during the hour-long stroll.

Despite the chill of winter, everyone got into the spirit of things and soon warmed up. The walk was quite muddy, and some areas were slippery, but the hardest part was getting the sponsorship. Nine of us did it as a group (including three children), and at last count, donations were up to £130.

Not bad at all! I'm quite pleased with the results, since my organisation was pretty last minute. Still, we had fun!

A video we took of the event will be uploaded in due course, and I will update this blog to reflect that.

In the meantime, I'd like to wish y'all Happy HO-HO-HO-lidays!!!

UPDATED: 25 December 2009 @ 11:32

I've been getting really fed-up with YouTube because of the way they've been handling audio. These unreasonable restrictions placed on the use of music have driven me to Vimeo and Viddler, and the former is where I have just uploaded the video of the Smithills Santa Stroll.

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas.

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