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22 November 2009

Nothing tastes as good...

kris chocolate cake feels...when it melts in your mouth.

Kate Moss has the wrong idea
. Nothing beats the taste of good food (apart from sex maybe). Don't get me wrong, I do love my figure, but I love eating just as much. Eating is a part of enjoying life, so I feel no guilt whatsoever when indulging in this daily pleasure. There are healthy ways to stay trim, and starving yourself isn't one of them.

Much to be expected, the media reacted unfavourably towards Kate Moss's words of wisdom. There were, however, more than a few stragglers who took her side. Face the Fat Facts, from The Mirror, being one of them. Strangely enough, that opinion piece has been taken offline now, so this link will lead you to a cached version.
"Being thin is healthier than being fat. It's more attractive.
Clothes look better on you if you're thin. Not skinny. Not anorexic.
Thin. Go figure."
By and large, I agree with Fiona Phillips's argument. There is a difference between being bony, and being slim. I draw the line the moment someone begins to look ill and haggard as a result of weight loss.

Contrary to orthodox views generated to make the majority of us feel more comfortable with our bodies, slim women are more attractive in shape - hourglass as opposed to barrel.

As an example, take a look at the pictures below: two women in the same dress, one larger than the other. There's just no contest. Kelly Brooke, despite being skinnier, is actually curvier.

slim curves

It's about proportion, not size. To have the right curves, you need a pretty narrow waist (as compared to wider shoulders and hips), and thinner women seem to have more luck in that department. Everything else is down to genes and bone structure, though muscular development can often overcome the latter two factors.
"Her motto has been taken out of context and blamed
for creating more anorexic teenage girls. Tosh."
It is true that most women would rather be slim than fat, and since not everyone can be blessed with a high metabolic rate, most would also have to control their diet to keep the pounds from piling on. However, Kate Moss's comment is dangerous (and quite frankly, stupid) in a climate obsessed with celebrities, even the irresponsible drug-fuelled ones such as herself.

"Equally, fat is seen as the path to misery and lack of success,
yet obesity is on the rise. Is Dawn French responsible for that?
Of course she's not. You are what you eat."

Hmm...Dawn French doesn't have quite the same glamorous influence on girls either.

Those older and wiser among us would be able to appreciate Kate Moss's hyperbole and dismiss it as humour, but young girls mistakenly look up to her as a role model whether we like it or not, and many will take her statements literally.

I very much doubt the supermodel did not see this backlash coming. She strikes me as the sort of person who does and says whatever she likes and believes she can get away with it. Perhaps a part of her enjoys winding the public up. Giles Coren is right when he describes her as 'undeniably powerful'.

(Think how damaging his remarks would be to the body image and confidence of those girls he described as
"sour-faced, lying vixens" with "livid skin, foul breath and hairy backs" if they truly are ill! His voice of resentment isn't exactly helping a cause.)

Moss's message is sending out all the wrong signals; it implies that being skinny is paramount. Perhaps for a model whose livelihood depends on her good looks, it is crucial that she conforms to the stereotype. But even so, is being attractive all that motivates her, so much so that it is her life's motto?

Is there nothing, NOTHING, more important than being skinny? What about being healthy or spending time with your loved ones?

Some might say that I can afford a smug holier-than-thou attitude since nature has bestowed upon me a body that burns up calories much faster than I can consume them, coupled with a petite frame due to my Oriental heritage. I have always managed to fit into XXS clothing from the age of 14 up till now, without being denied my fair share of chocolate, cheese, junk food, and other gastronomical delights.
Yes, I am lucky. I can have my cake and eat it.

Yet, there are many other women out there without my attributes who still look better than Kate Moss and me. They did not achieve that surviving on rabbit food.
A wholesome lifestyle of eating sensibly and exercising regularly got them where they are today.

You just can't argue with the science.
Moderation is the key here, and definitely a better motto by far.

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