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30 October 2009

Who's got a rotten egg to spare?

"The BNP leader Nick Griffin completed filming for his controversial
appearance on Question Time this evening, hours after anti-fascist
protesters breached security and broke into BBC Television Centre."
It changes nothing.

Those who now openly support the BNP have always been that way inclined, some perhaps to a greater degree than others. Likewise for the other camp.

Assuming the BNP have not lied about the apparent success of their debut on Question Time, a surge of wannabe members on their site is to be expected. US counterpart had a similar experience when it went down due to a spike in site traffic after Obama won the election.

BNP's sudden increase in potential recruits only demonstrates the number of people who have been less vocal about their views up till now, still a pretty small percentage of the entire UK population - about 3k out of 61m or so. Whether they can maintain a growth at this rate remains to be seen.
"It's called Democracy. It's not pretty, but it's the
least evil we humans can make."
A mere glimpse of Griffin's face is enough to make me attach mine to the sick bucket, the contents of which destined to trace the same arc as these eggs.


Yet, I was willing to endure an hour's worth of Gitler in the name of free speech. Or perhaps I was secretly hoping someone would throttle him halfway through...No chance of that, the audience was too civilised compared to the blood-thirsty horde gathered outside.

The irony of a fascist party using democracy as a platform to gain publicity isn't lost on me, but silencing the BNP will only encourage them to accuse the rest of us of being two-faced. I learnt nothing new from Griffin's performance, but at least most of us gained some satisfaction in watching both Nick Griffin and Jack Straw squirm.

Let's face it, the BNP didn't get this far because more people are starting to find them agreeable, but because less people are willing to trust politicians and their empty promises. They don't bother to vote because they have lost their faith in the system, and the blame for this can be laid squarely at the feet of our esteemed Lord Chancellor a
nd the government.

Admittedly, the 'fabled' BNP leader did not come across as self-assured as previously depicted by the media. Somewhat of a disappointment, since I expected him to put up a bit more of a fight. Then again, playing the victim could have been a ploy. Not that it moved many people, judging from the resulting response.

240 complaints (relating to bias) out of 8 million viewers is, again, a very small proportion...especially when you take into account the growing millions of slaps, eggs, curried dishes etc, directed Gitler's way via websites so inundated with hits that they were compelled to call it a day.

Hmmm...hardly a martyr.

There is a reason why BBC One had far more than its usual number of viewers that night. We were all aware of what would happen...and so did Nick Griffin. He is many things, but he is most certainly not naive. Griffin sauntered into this spectacle with his eyes wide open.

It would have been interesting to hear how he felt our current problems ought to be approached, such as the present state of the NHS, rising levels of crime, plus other economic and administrative issues.

...Good job we never got that far; he could barely answer questions that were put to him in the first place!
All Griffin managed to do was stutter, and deny things he'd said and done in the past, even those caught on video.

A bit pointless to be on Question Time if you're too cowardly to stand by your own beliefs, let alone propagate them!

Someone who sits there sweating away (he was actually shaking towards the end), and unable to make himself coherent does not strike me as particularly rational or competent.
Only those seriously deluded would think such a piteous creature capable of handling the day-to-day running of a country. No wonder members of his own party expressed dismay at his softly-softly approach.
"Maybe some coaching could of been done so that
Mr Griffin could of answered any questions articulately."
Gitler couldn't even offer anything constructive about what ought to be done about current immigration problems, surely a subject central to the BNP constitution (which will soon be forced to change). In the end, it was Warsi who pulled Jack Straw up short for his and his party's failings. She was also the only one who pointed out that immigration has nothing to do with skin colour, making Griffin's argument about rights for 'indigenous people' sound even less relevant.

Next to Bonnie Greer, he appeared an ignorant liar who had not done his homework. With the historical and scientific inaccuracies spewing forth from his mouth, I wonder how Nick Griffin ever came to be a Cambridge graduate. He is either truly racist (and most assuredly homophobic), or so power-hungry he will say and do anything that he believes will make him the next Hitler.

"BNP leader Nick Griffin complained today that he had
been the victim of a 'lynch mob' following his controversial
appearance on the BBC's Question Time."
Sympathy for Griffin is the thin end of the wedge. He got exactly what he desired, just so he could indulge in a display of his trademark boo-hooing. Question Time was a good reflection of popular opinion. Yes, the BNP had a few supporters in there, but their contribution was overwhelmed by the majority who opposed them.

If Nick Griffin is allowed to have his say, then by that same token, so did everyone else on Question Time. I think the sheer volume of criticism piled on him is good indication that the BNP and its supporters are the true minority.

With any luck, we won't have to suffer a repeat exhibition of the giant vibrator. It was amusing while it lasted, but as a friend of mine so eloquently put it, it's time for him to
"follow his own party's advice and fuck off back to where he came from - the marginals".

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Updated: 22 November 2009 @ 21:52

I have observed some criticism elsewhere regarding Baroness Warsi's comment that there is no such thing as 'bogus Asylum Seekers'.
I suspect she's just being a little pedantic. In her book, true Asylum Seekers ought to be accommodated. But those who lie to achieve that legal status ought not to be classed as Asylum Seekers in the first place, and for the purpose of this debate, should therefore be excluded...much in the same way that 'indigenous' has no place in the argument. How far back does Griffin want to go? According to one definition, you need only be born in the region to be considered as such.

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