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07 August 2009

Have Spam - Will Can


I have an issue with some of the comments here, which I have decided not to publish since they serve no purpose whatsoever, apart from endorsing spam.

Dropping by to say hi, or to compliment my work is perfectly fine of course...even trolling can be justified since it will sometimes fire up a debate (plus, I have a name and shame policy).

Links, too, are certainly encouraged, and definitely no concern of mine. The problem only occurs when the 'friendly greeting' is masked as an excuse to promote one's own site. Here's a classic one-liner:
"Hi, nice blog -"
It couldn't be any less subtle.

Please don't come here for free advertising. Your site (or sites, as is so often the case) will not generate any traffic from this quarter since your lardy spam simply won't get past the approval stage. If you want any clicking action from the links you post, at least have the courtesy to read what I have to say, and contribute something of interest before you expect me to return the favour.

This is a blog, thanks, not a directory.

And since I'm ranting about comments anyway...

"Having coffee with a friend the other day, we were both
horrified to see a pre-pubescent girl, walking with her mother,
wearing a T-shirt saying 'porn star in training'.

This is not just a UK problem. It's a western problem.
Over a decade ago, Britney Spears hit our screens.
Her first song, 'Baby One More Time', featured a music video
in which she danced seductively while wearing school uniform,
around the same time as she gave interviews turning her
virginity into a marketing device."
I came across this article not long ago, and more or less, agree with its author. It's actually a subject I've blogged before. However, what got my attention was a comment I spotted second page in, which I include here (sans typos):
"It's a Western Problem? Erm, the legal age of marriage in Iran is 9.
It must only be a 'Western Problem' as 'the East' have got round it
by making it legal, but that's their 'culture' so it does not count.
I digress, so men like to look at sexy teenage girls, do they?
Crikey, when did this phenomena begin? 10 years ago, or
at the dawn of time? Perhaps we could have another article on
how fat people like cakes."
This is not an uncommon attitude, but it did get me thinking...

Although Marriage and Sexuality are clearly connected, they aren't quite the same thing and don't always go hand-in-hand. Yes, certain Muslim states do condone atrocities like child brides, but Asia is a very large continent, and such unions are hardly prevalent when you consider what takes place here.

What Ian Dunt was referring to is closer to promiscuity, which may exist amongst the young in Asia just as in any other part of the world, but is still generally regarded as highly taboo over there, and often accompanied with an element of shame.

The attractiveness of schoolgirls to men isn't being called into question. Dunt is merely arguing that only in Western society has an early introduction to sexual behaviour (and not always in a responsible manner) been accepted into the mainstream.

I could say this is most evident in the different treatment of children's media by various cultures, but that's pretty tame compared to the reality of seeing a six-year-old girl sucking a lollipop shaped like a penis whilst strolling down Blackpool Prom with her parents.

Somewhere, somehow, something has gone very very wrong.

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  • At 23/8/09 13:20, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I agree. Nice blog. Please visit mine. ;)

    Seriously, internet spammers are the bane of my online existence. If someone leaves me a spammy comment at a social networking site, for instance, I am less inclined to visit their site. In fact, I will REFUSE to visit their site out of principal. I always delete their comments on first sight anyway.

    I don't care if it's the best blog of all time. No wait, since they're spamming, it must mean that their site isn't good enough, so they'll do anything to get people to visit their sites and click on their ads. Either that, or they're just very greedy.

    Regarding girls that are being sexualized from such a young age - it's really scary.

    It's definitely the media and the modeling industry that are glamorizing this problem. But - a market is feeding it, and that's the even scarier part.

    All the best,

  • At 24/8/09 18:27, Blogger Charme said…

    No, I don't visit them on principle either! Besides, there is the whole security issue. I do regular back-ups anyway, and my anti-virus/spyware safety net has been reliable so far, but it's always better to play it safe.

    It's not the site promotion that bugs me. Everyone likes a bit of publicity, but what winds me up is the inconsiderate way in which it’s done. These spammers didn't visit my blog to read it...They just came here to post their link!

    Not long after my daughter was born, a lot of friends and relatives suggested I send her photos to some baby/children modelling agencies. My initial reaction was 'cool!'...But then I had a proper think about it and realised what a horrible idea it was. I used to do a bit of modelling and David is a photographer, so we both know what it's like, and it's definitely not a world I want my little girl to be a part of. Plus, taking after me, she's vain enough as she is! LOL

    Some competition amongst kids is fine, but out of the entertainment/fashion industry, I consider modelling to be the shallowest… not a healthy experience for children to have to go through. There's the weight issue as well. Most agencies tend to ask for models to be at least a size 8 or 10, which is fine (they even consider me too thin!). But every now and then, a really bony one will slip through the net, looking not so much thin as she does ill.

    I sometimes doubt young girls who starve themselves actually believe that skinny equates beauty...I think it's more likely that they're under the mistaken impression OTHERS think it’s attractive, and are therefore driven more by fear of criticism than the actual pursuit of beauty. The media will of course pander to any 'demand' so long as money is involved, and so this becomes a bit of a vicious cycle.


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