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The Lava Trolley

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26 July 2009

Not in My Name


Just a quickie to ask anyone reading this blog if they could pop over to HopeNotHate to sign a petition against racism and the BNP.

I uploaded my pic there a few days ago after a friend of mine (who has a tiny cameo appearance in the not-in-my-name video) spread the word, but I'm pretty sure the photo is not mandatory.

It did actually take me a few attempts to get the image right since I haven't got a proper camera (apart from David's 'professional' one which I don't know how to use).


Anyhow, these other pics were rejected in favour of the one at the top since I wanted the text to be more prominent, and David felt it was only in that image that I looked suitably disapproving! Oh well, the photo isn't really important, so nevermind.

There are a few versions of the HopeNotHate website (work in progress, I guess), but the link above is the start page...and of course, I am sure everyone is already aware of LoveMusicHateRacism.

There's some misconception going around about how the BNP is no longer the extremist organisation it used to be, under the cover of its new 'respectability'. But many of us are not so easily fooled. The HopeNotHate website has some information which reveals their true motives.

A section about this petition shall now be a new stickie on the right-hand panel of my blog.

I hope that in the next election, ALL of us will vote to exercise our right to free speech. Yes, you are entitled not to vote as well, but the BNP took advantage of that which was how they got their foot in their door to begin with. It's time the rest of us cared a little and got more involved.

The British National Party and their supporters may have the right to have their opinions heard, but we do let's make our voices louder than theirs.

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08 July 2009

Some time much later...


...Yes, I know. My blogging frequency leaves much to be desired.

This post is way overdue, but loads have happened in my life this year which can justify my tardiness in updating a blog that gets so little traffic anyway.


The building behind my workplace exploded causing a fire that burnt down our office, which meant we had to move premises (after a brief stint of working from home). Then, I got married.


Not long after that, I went to Singapore and Malaysia to visit family (where the camera I borrowed from my daddy went missing and so had to use my phone for the rest of the holiday!!!). I also had my hair rebonded and had a fringe cut, like I said I would.


In between all that, I even found time to establish a weight-training routine (more or less), go nature rambling, help cannibalise an old computer to build a new one, earn enough gold to get my epic flappy in WoW, start a new religion, vote by proxy (to thwart the BNP), catalogue my entire DVD collection and spreadsheet the lot of it.

...The new religion didn't quite take off though. I don't think people were ready for the whole shopping-for-clothes-in-the-nude-to-save-time experience.

Anyhow, as you would expect, loads of photos were shot to commemorate these milestones, and some video as well, although attempts at the latter went a bit Pete Tong during the marriage doo-dah...Don't ask.

It's a good job the plan was for a non-wedding sort of wedding as I didn't want any fuss. It was small and private, with zero fanfare. Since marriage is mainly for the benefit of two people (and their kids, but Zhouyi was with my mum and dad in Singapore at the time anyway...otherwise, I'd have included the tea ceremony), we didn't see the need for anything fancy. Everything was kept so quiet it was almost as if we'd eloped instead. In fact, had witnesses not been required, there would have been a strong possibility we'd have told no one and just announced it after the deed was done.

In another break with tradition, it wasn't just David who had a Best Man...I had one too, instead of a Bridesmaid.

In case anyone's wondering, the custom-made gown I wore is not a Kimono or Hanbok, but a style that is much more ancient. It's actually Hanfu, which is what the Japanese and Korean versions were based on. I wanted something simple but unique, so going as far back to my roots as I possibly could seemed an elegant idea.

Our only concession to this no-frills almost-pedestrian wedding was to write our own vows together. Sadly, that part of the ceremony was covered by seriously dodgy videoing, so I thought it would be a nice touch to add it here.


Registrar: Ten years ago, David Gregory and Charmain Lee met through a shared moment of serendipity. They fell in love, and would now like to celebrate a union which has stood the test of time and distance. We are here today to witness the joining of a couple who belong as two halves together. As each person gives, neither needs to ask for anything in re
turn. From this day forward, they pledge to always love one another, whatever the future may bring.

Us: I do solemnly declare that I know not of any lawful impediment why I, David Gregory/Charmain Lee may not be joined in matrimony to Charmain Lee/David Gregory.

I, David Gregory/Charmain Lee, take you, Charmain Lee/David Gregory to be my wedded wife/husband. To be faithful to and support, through joy and though sorrow, in sickness and in health, and to love for all time.

I give you this ring as a symbol of our marriage and a token of my love for you.


Actually, the highlight of the day took place later when we had to break into our own home because we forgot to bring our keys with us! That's a great start to married life, innit?! It took the better part of the afternoon for David to fit new locks. We did go for a nice drive in the countryside after that though.


Also, the MOCGB celebrated its 30th anniversary on the 4th of July by changing its annual official meet so it now lasts over the weekend, incorporating a track day which we attended (with much gusto on David's part...I think he must have lapped some cars three times). No prizes for guessing which car we took, obviously.

Photos can be found as usual in my Flickr Collection, or by clicking the links in the side panel of this page.

Videos are all on my Vimeo Channel...Anyone who remarks that they can tell a huge difference in my editing and David's will earn a well-deserved slap from me. Photobucket


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