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30 June 2009



Here lies the reason I can scarcely bring myself to summon any depth of emotion over the King of Pop's demise.

A few days ago, a friend of mine posted on Facebook footage of a particular incident during the protests in Iran, with some warning that there would be scenes of a disturbing nature.
It's not the sort of thing he normally does, but felt it was something the world should know about. I tend to avoid such content, however in this case, my friend did have a point....People do need to be aware of what's been happening, to keep things in perspective if nothing else.

The video lasted just 37 seconds, but its images will stay with me long after my memories of being at a special Michael Jackson concert (when he performed on his birthday) fade away.

Neda Agha-Soltan
is not the first person to have been killed whilst making a stand, nor will she be the last. She could have been anyone...anyone who cares enough to make a difference anyway. Ironically, given the significance of her name, she died silently where she fell - a centre of calm amidst cries of grief and terror. Neda never even got a chance to raise her voice, and neither did her family who were deprived of their very right to mourn the loss of a loved one.

So you see, much as I am a fan of MJ's music and deplore press treatment of him (and his kids, particularly after his death), you'll forgive me if I do not join the ranks of those posting tributes to a man who's done practically nothing for the past decade, let alone to Heal the World as he himself put it.

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