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13 April 2009

Anything you can do, I can do better!


Can't say I'm really getting it...I'm sure all the contestants who ended up on the Royal Variety Show were brilliant, and I know for certain a few who didn't make it were equally talented, but so what?

The very title implies that Britain is short of talent and therefore, something new and refreshing needs to be injected into our culture. Personally, I've yet to see any evidence of that since this show started running.

Yes, there have been great performers on it, like that Sampson kid, and the mobile phone guy (apologies for not getting the names right as I only watch little snippets when I'm at a friend's house so I don't always catch the names), plus that loonytoon of a woman Susan Whateverhernameis who sang that Les Mis song I Dream a Dream (I did think she was bloody fantastic, and I'm not just saying this because it's one of my favourite songs).

But Britain isn't exactly running out of great singers or dancers, so what makes any of these people unique?

Simply because they were unknowns? Literally from off the street (or rather, the average household)? But then, the same can be said of many other stars who haven't taken the fast-track route. They don't all rely on pure sensationalism to kick-start their careers.

This is not to say I have a dim view of everything that comes under reality TV. Dragon's Den can be pretty educational and Grand Designs has been inspirational at times...I don't know; would they come under the same umbrella? Perhaps they fall within a grey area.

Wowing viewers on BGT sometimes seems too much like getting the sympathy vote (or in a kid's case, the 'cute' vote). The only reason I was impressed by someone like Susan wasn't because her singing was any more remarkable than say Charlotte Church or Katherine Jenkins, but because I simply did not expect it from someone like her and judging from audience reaction, no one else saw it coming either. It was her eccentricity (and appearance) that got our attention first, without which she'd be just another Leona Lewis or Alexandria 'Hallelujah' Thingy (nevermind, you know who I mean...too lazy to google).

I very much doubt Britain lacks talent, but all this mass marketing and whatnot is making it more and more difficult for us to sieve through the cacophony of bleahness.

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