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02 February 2009

A chav by any other name...


"Directors of a travel company that sent customers an email
promising chav-free holidays have defended the move.

The email, sent out by Activities Abroad, included a list of names
travellers were likely to encounter on one of their holidays and another list
they would be less likely to meet.

Among the unlikely names were Britney, Kylie-Lianne, Dazza and
Shannon. The likely names included John, Sarah, James and Alice."

Taking the piss out of names may have been a seriously bad marketing ploy, but far more outrageous is this ridiculous 'Hug-a-Hoodie' attitude (even assuming that he doesn't try to knife you first).

"If I ever had any doubts (which I haven't) about banning the C-- word in
our house, I need look no further. Don't ever let anybody tell you that class is
not a live issue in Britain."

Of course class is an issue...It will always be an issue. Barring a few exceptions, people who have common interests and similar lifestyles will always gravitate towards one another. It's a natural part of our social existence. Deal with it.

You can't polish a can take the chav out of a council house, but you can't take the council house out of a chav...We've heard it all before. To consider the Biancas and Dazzas of this country part of the working class is a travesty for obvious reasons. It is, in fact, an insult to decent and hard-working people who may not have a lot of money, but somehow manage to educate themselves and earn the respect of those around them.

"The e-mail triggered a wave of publicity and controversy after it was
reported the email had offended some of the company's customers.

According to the company, only 18 people from the 24,000
emailed have written to complain about the e-mail."

This show of support is misplaced quite simply because it's encouraging the criminal underclass for, make no mistake, that's exactly what chavs are, and it is a reputation that they entirely deserve, so sympathy is wasted on them.

It's not what they wear, what accent they've got, or how much money they make, but the kind of behaviour they display that gives chavs all this bad press: anti-social, lazy and inconsiderate at the best of times; violent, destructive and dangerous at their worst. They never contribute; they only take. If all-the-above doesn't apply to you, then terribly sorry, you're just not quite chav material. Simple as. A high income, or lack of it, doesn't even come into the equation.

Whitewashing is never going to work...You can put a spin on any situation, but pandering to the politically-correct in this case still isn't going to make most of us want to walk on the same side of the road as a group of hoodies, let alone go on holiday with them.

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