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07 January 2009

Eat fish...


...It's good for you!

The above image shows the side of a fresh fish shop in the coastal town of Fleetwood, near where we live. Its sign never fails to tickle David and I everytime we pass it on one of our Mustang broom-broom trots. Last weekend, I thought it might be a good idea to take a picture of it in case it decides to disappear like everything else in this country.

This fish shop always reminds me of a song by Mr Scruff, simply entitled Fish, which is just as quirky and amusing in its own right. I sing it everytime David makes his scrummy fish pie, bopping along to the bit that goes "fish, fish-fish, fish-fish". It really needs to be sung to a special beat, and in a certain voice.

Perhaps this fishy motif only has special meaning to us because our entire household loves seafood (our kitty, Magic, included of course...though she never says no to any kind of food anyway), and fish features very regularly in our diet.

Indeed, fish is of great significance in our life, so much so that it has inspired the name of our soon-to-be-created 2v2 WoW Arena Team - Eating Fish...Two words that also make up some of the lyrics in that song by Mr Scruff. Sadly, a theme tune is not needful for our team, and we haven't even got a banner (yet)...However, I already know what our battlecry will be...

[Cue for Drumroll]


This can also be shortened to 'FOR SALMON!'...Hopefully, that will be the last thing our opponents hear before they let a Death Knight and Druid beat the shit out of them (even if it is because they're too busy pissing themselves laughing).

*This post is dedicated to all the fish that have died for our cause.

PS - To find out more about my life in Azeroth, I would like to direct you to my Gaming Profile on Gax, which contains another (brand-spankingly-new) blog of mine entirely about the World of Warcraft. Alternatively, you can click the Gax Badge in the right-hand panel of this page.

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