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31 December 2008

Last Bastion of Marketing Ambiguity?


Cheap and cheerful as it'd always made itself out to be, I could never quite work out the point of Woolies (though 'wooly' would be a better description of its image).

Usually, when you're looking to buy a certain item, a brand name or store would immediately spring to mind. Most of us would visit our favourite supermarket if we needed groceries, go somewhere like Comet or Curries for electronics, and perhaps Ikea or Argos for furniture etc...But think of Woolworths, and I can come up with no good excuse to go there (not even for sweets), except as a last resort when I have been everywhere else.

I was among the vultures when the closing down sale began, and found nothing I actually wanted (massive discounts notwithstanding). If ever there was a giant storage facility where people could just dump all their useless unwanted gifts, it would look like Woolworths. Pretty ironic then, that it would go bust at this time of year...I've never seen the place so busy!

My home this Crimbo has been the complete opposite. A quiet and chilled-out festive season can sometimes be a good thing, but not when the reason is lack of money. I did try my best to keep the Christmas Spirit alive, but all I got for my efforts were complaints regarding the X'mas music I was inflicting upon the poor souls (Bah! Humbug!) around me.

Apart from a few highlights (eg. masked ball, night visit to the Halo etc), the back-end of 2008 was pretty uneventful on a personal level...We just did the usual (eg. turkey dinner at friends, visiting family, cinema trip etc)...nothing majorly exciting at all. But then again, it has probably been more quiet and depressing for some others than it has been for us, so perhaps we should count ourselves lucky. I am debating whether I ought to even bother uploading any videos/photos of our non-celebration this year, and can't quite make up my mind.

Oh well, if I do decide to do that eventually, I will update this post...In the meantime, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year...Chin up! It can't be this miserable forever, even if the weather says otherwise!

UPDATED: 10 January 2009 @ 17:14

Right...I have uploaded some pics to my Flickr Collections, and they include snapshots of a new haircut which I got yesterday...My hair was getting too long and too difficult to maintain, so I've gone back to having a bob again (until I get bored next time and change it to something else). I have also added a X'mas home video to my YouTube page, but the same one is on Flickr as well.

PS - Just realised this is my 100th post!!! WOOT! Quite appropriate really, since that's just one more than the number of years Woolies needed to last a century in trading.

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