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31 August 2008

When god closes a door...


...Somewhere he opens a window.

Either that, or he was taking the day off when Photoshop was invented.

"The Archbishop of Canterbury said the
'pieces are on the board' to resolve the
row over homosexuality which threatens
to split the Anglican Church."
Enter a new paradox - the Gay Priest.

Then again, this sort of thing has been going on for generations...Clearly, there's much more taking place in the closet/booth than confessions!

Homosexuality and Christianity just don't make the best of partners (in bed or out of it), and although I bear no ill will against gays (far from it), having one as leader of a church community would simply be too hypocritical.

Let's just reserve this oxymoron for the occasional comedy gag (or as a name for the next new pub that opens in Blackpool).

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  • At 4/9/08 14:40, Blogger Ginseng Kyong said…

    hmm it is a curious thought.. good topic for discussion.

    Though I don't think having a gay man as a leader in the community church a bad thing. If anyone, it would be such a guy who knows what persecution is about and can be more sensitive to those who are outcasts. If we are talking catholic, then the leader is not sexually active, if he is, then being gay or not has nothing to do with things. If he is a minister and has a husband, then society will react too.

    Hmm I would not think a man who is gay to give up a calling to be a leader in the church just because he is more sexually attracted to other men than women. I mean, are staight men any more pure than gay men? Hmm just because I am sexually attracted to women does not make me a better choice to be a leader in a church.

  • At 4/9/08 19:00, Blogger Charme said…

    "I would not think a man who is gay to give up a calling to be a leader in the church just because he is more sexually attracted to other men than women."

    This is precisely the sort of hypocrisy that I was referring to, more of which the Church does not need. It's a bit like having a meat-eater as the head of the Vegetarian Society. If he wants to be a supportive member of his community, there are other roles for him to fill that are not religious. Whether or not he is actively having sex is not the issue...It is (apparently) a sin to be attracted to other men. Personally, I can't quite understand how a Gay person can even be 'Christian' (according to the biblical dogma...Since that's what the whole religion revolves around, it is the only definition that matters) as it goes against the very concept.

    Of course, being non-Christian and bisexual myself (twice the sinner and furthermore, a heathen), I couldn't care less what the Church decides to do...They could re-write the whole bible, and I wouldn't give a toss...I was merely making an observation.

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