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04 July 2008

Shades of 24


I don't pretend to understand much about American politics...I can barely keep up with what happens in my own country, nevermind the US!

For all I know, the election over there has been just as much of a farce as our Ken vs Boris popularity contest in London, with the public simply voting for the lesser of two evils (not like they were spoilt for be fair, I would have gone for Boris floppy-hair Johnson too).

Honestly speaking, I know nothing about the party or ideals that Oba
ma represents, but there is something heartwarming about him being nominated for presidency (and most likely taking on the role) even if some people are probably only supporting him because he is black (or rather, half-black)...After all, it'll take a real retard to botch things up after Bush, and I'd like to think the world is in short supply of that!

Hopefully, this will mean that the fight against racism has come a long way...Or perhaps I'm just reading too much into it, a side effect of watching faaaar too many episodes of 24!

Whatever you feel about this, have a Happy Independence Day anyway, and good luck with the polls.

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  • At 4/7/08 21:42, Blogger Mikeymike said…

    Thanks! Obama proves racism is less of an obstical than before...

    That a woman and a person of color where the top contenders was inconceivable not very long ago!

    Happy 4th friend! :)

  • At 9/7/08 21:03, Blogger Charme said…


    We still haven't got any notable politicians of colour here in the UK, but feminists can hardly complain since one of our most famous PMs (and arguably the one with most clout) was a woman!

  • At 28/7/08 21:08, Blogger Cailin Yates 16785083 Arbonne International said…

    the race card is most interesting isn't it? In the US no less where racism is more latent than open. We happily blast others for racism and then quietly go about our own... but it has reopened many discussions and discussion is always a good thing. There are as many people voting for him because he is black (in the US if you are 1/2 black you are black even if you don't act black - don't ask me what "act black" really means but it it IS a discussion point) as there are "democrats" who will either not vote or be voting Republican for the first time in their lives as well because of race... and so race remains a big part of the discussion. Thankfully both candidates seem both better spoken than our current president and also seem to realize the US isn't in fact the whole world - a trend that was much more upsetting to many Americans than one might believe. But all in all I agree - it would be hard for any one not to be an improvement over the last 8 years...


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