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10 July 2008

Jay-Z Who?


"Rapper Jay-Z stuck one finger up to Noel Gallagher
last night by starting his Glastonbury set with
a version of the Oasis hit Wonderwall – and
playing electric guitar."

I'd be the first to admit I'm not a fan of Hip Hop these days, and was a little baffled to hear one of its big names had been signed up to front Glastonbury. "WTF???", was my first thought. I think I'd have been less surprised to hear Oasis had won a MOBO award.

Muddy fields and tents are the sort of things I normally associate with the rocking Boho / Hippy / Indie crowd (how does one even begin to differentiate between them?), and I wasn't quite sure how bling would fit into the scene. But then again, things change. It's all about what's popular now (and what brings in the £££). If people want the likes of Jay-Z...Give it to them, I say.

Well, that was then...before the event. Jay-Z's childish reaction has only reinforced the opinions of those who found his presence at Glastonbury more than a bit incongruous. A shame really, since I was interested in finding out if Jay-Z could pull off a decent version of Wonderwall, and actually believed his take (if done properly) might prove refreshing. Sadly, his performance almost beat Amy Winehouse at the slurring game. Ironically, it also boosted sales for Oasis post-Glasto.

I should've known better...Glastonbury has always been a spectacle, and it's just got worse.

Sure, Gallagher's perspective was a bit harsh (though it has to be said that no criticism was actually directed at Jay-Z himself, or his music), but it was fair comment and one that was shared by many. Yet, instead of proving him wrong, Jay-Z turned it into a dissing match...Now, how is that about the music?

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04 July 2008

Shades of 24


I don't pretend to understand much about American politics...I can barely keep up with what happens in my own country, nevermind the US!

For all I know, the election over there has been just as much of a farce as our Ken vs Boris popularity contest in London, with the public simply voting for the lesser of two evils (not like they were spoilt for be fair, I would have gone for Boris floppy-hair Johnson too).

Honestly speaking, I know nothing about the party or ideals that Oba
ma represents, but there is something heartwarming about him being nominated for presidency (and most likely taking on the role) even if some people are probably only supporting him because he is black (or rather, half-black)...After all, it'll take a real retard to botch things up after Bush, and I'd like to think the world is in short supply of that!

Hopefully, this will mean that the fight against racism has come a long way...Or perhaps I'm just reading too much into it, a side effect of watching faaaar too many episodes of 24!

Whatever you feel about this, have a Happy Independence Day anyway, and good luck with the polls.

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