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25 June 2008

Pity the Neighbours


"EA has confirmed that Wii sing-along Boogie will come
with its own karaoke microphone when it's released in
Europe on 31st August.

Boogie is billed as the Wii's answer to the incredibly
popular Sony hit, SingStar - a karaoke game that
lets you belt out your favourite songs and scores
you on how well you perform.

However, EA is attempting to take things a step
further with Boogie, by using the motion-sensing
abilities of the console to track your movements
so you can dance along, too."

YAY!!! Me want!!

Me want NOW!!!

Sadly, me has to wait to get it because we've just paid for Zhouyi to start Kungfu and Piano lessons, and Davey also got our broom-broom Horsey some silver stripes (will update with photos of them soon).

Oh well, I shall just have to content myself by de-stressing at my weekly class for Jazz dancing.

UPDATED: 27 June 2008 @ 16:30

Here're some snapshots a friend took of our Mustang with its new stripes (DIY jobey by Davey). Not had a chance to take any proper pictures yet...These are just a couple from a set that make up a tutorial Davey's going to post online. Doesn't look too bad, does it?



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