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29 June 2008

Come Fly with Me


Davey had his first flying lesson today!!!

Ok, it's not technically his first since he has sort of fooled around (for a few minutes) with the controls of a friend's plane not long ago (and often plays FlightSim)...But this time, the hours he clocks in the air would count towards a PPL...and he was also allowed to bring me along as a passenger, together with our friend, Andy!

We did record quite a lot of the lesson on video (plus aerial photos), but the file would need condensing before I can upload in the meantime, here are just a few preliminary shots of us taking to the skies in a Piper Cherokee.

Here's a pic of us waiting in the Pilots' Lounge (with some trepedition on my part).

There's Cap'n Gregory, cans and all, ready for take-off.

Andy shitting himself when Davey takes over the controls...

...And me looking increasingly dubious, whilst scanning the aircraft for a quick escape route.

It was pissing it down when we first clambered into the plane, but fortunately for us, the sun soon came out again...All in all, it went rather well (meaning we all got out of the experience alive, and in one jeans even stayed blue!), although it did get quite bumpy at times (and boy, you can really feel the movement of the plane as compared to your average commercial flight)!

The instructor was very good and amazingly relaxed (so I really recommend ANT)...He must have thought David could hack it because Cap'n Gregory was actually allowed to land the plane! Oooh!!!

Riiiiight, everybody out of the way...MY turn to fly now!!!

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  • At 4/7/08 21:46, Blogger Mikeymike said…

    Dubious! =)

    That's so exciting. I had a friend back in the day, and we used to fly out to the desert and back. SO cool from up there!!

    Your turn next! Fly to your Eskimo buddies! :P

  • At 28/7/08 21:20, Blogger Cailin Yates 16785083 Arbonne International said…

    this is a fun post - my father flew planes, my brother flies planes and as a child I used to be allowed to sit in the cessna at the controls over the Pacific Ocean...
    good memories


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