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02 December 2007

Totally Pointless Post


A few colleages and I had a conversation about pizzas a couple of weeks ago.

No one could see any point in ordering via websites (Domino's in this instance) when you could just as easily use the phone...I know I'm pretty weird as far as human beings go, but surely I'm not the only one who can see the merits of placing my pizza order online?

It has to be said, I received quite a few odd looks explaining myself. Matters were not improved by yet another repeat of Leona Lewis' single playing in the background (lovely voice, but hearing that song over and over again is doing my head in...sadly, the office radio can only tune into one station - shitty Radio Wave - and I happen to sit right next to to that stupid device...If it goes missing one day, you will all know why).

Perhaps my views will come across better over the net, seeing as it's the very vehicle I am recommending as a super food-ordering mechanism. (Plus, I never play commercial radio at home.)

These then, are my 10 reasons we should all order online and henceforth have no excuse to venture out of the house...EVER!

1) You don't need to speak to anyone.

2) You don't need to speak to anyone.

3) You don't need to speak to anyone.

4) You don't need to speak to anyone.

5) You don't need to speak to anyone...Ok, I'll concede further elaboration is required. When I refer to 'anyone', I actually mean - a) people with strange accents you can't understand, b) surly teenagers who would rather be nicking your money than earning it, and c) morons who can barely barely spell 'pepperoni', let alone identify it.

6) You save time by not having to repeat yourself, or risk getting your pizza delivered to the wrong address.

7) If you have your rig on most of the time, it doesn't cost you extra £££.

8) If, like me, you never have enough cash lying around, you can pay by card without having to read out your details.

9) Since you can save your favourites, one-click gets you all you again, you save time.

10) Oh, and I nearly forgot...You don't need to speak to anyone.

So there you go, a little slice of pizza wisdom to get you through your next order...and whilst you're at it, I like mine with double pineapple, chorizo and olives. Thanks.

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