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30 November 2007

Bloody Facebook Whores


I abandoned MySpace in favour of Facebook because I refused to put up with anymore spam, hacks and relentless profile-pimping. Thus far, the odd half-baked app has been the only reason my rig's acquired a few fist-shaped dents. Still, no social networking district is completely free of that seedy red light.

About 90% of the members I am connected to on FB are individuals I also know in the physical world...They may no longer live in the same region I do but they are, nonetheless, people I consider friends...That last word in my previous sentence carrying the operative function when referring to the feature in question - the Friends List.

I no longer have to dread the thought of deleting 50 or so friend requests upon logging in...But every now and then, someone who hasn't exchanged so much as a single blurry pixel with me (RGB or otherwise) will convince him or herself that I'm the sort who will cheerfully embrace the notion of calling perfect strangers my friends in the quest to win popularity contests.

I can't help but wonder if I might have overlooked some key detail in my profile that gives people that impression.

And yet, I distinctly remember stating quite clearly in the politest of terms that random people who cannot even be bothered sending me a message can jolly well eff off.

Please don't misunderstand me...I am all for widening my social circle, but I believe in being discriminate. If anyone wants me to get all chummy with them, I think he or she should at least give me a good reason...A short introduction of who they are and how they found me would be a start...

And for the last time...Poking DOESN'T count!

PS - This has got nothing to do with the above, but it seems a good time as any to mention this...I started playing WoW last month, and have only managed to level up to 20 which, I'm sure you'll agree, is piss poor.


If any Alliance noob also on the Eonar (EU) server wants to group, I'll be most happy to oblige...My stats are below.

Ruiyyanko [Eonar]

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