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21 October 2007

Just a quickie...

PRH front view

Ooh, an orgasm for every lie that rolls off my tongue...Let's just say I'd never need man nor dildo ever again. It would, however, create a bit of a paradox if I ever wanted to fake a climax.

Anyone who knows what I'm like would know that the heading to this post is utter bollocks. My logging into this site is pretty much a guarantee that nothing short and sweet will come of it. No thanks to me and those of my ilk, you can always find an endless supply of industrial-strength rants brewing away in some corner of the cyber continent that is known as Blogosphere...extra froth not entirely optional.

"Brighton cannot currently cope with volume of trauma cases
and regularly diverts patients to other hospitals.
It cannot cope with the 3,000 or so births due to take place there.
It makes no sense to add another 2,500 births from the PRH."

Although I currently live at the other end of the country, my daughter was born at the Princess Royal, so news of plans to downgrade the hospital (yet again) came as a bit of a shock. From what I can recall of my short stay at the PRH 7 years ago, it was clean and well-run. Unless matters have regressed to a state similar to what's happening down in Kent, I can envisage no earthly reason for dragging another hospital (particularly one that's perfectly serviceable) through the muck that has become our NHS.

It is with vivid clarity that I remember how each minute road bump magnified every contraction I had on the way to the hospital...and the drive from Burgess Hill to Haywards Heath is not a long one (even via twisty country lanes). Those familiar with Mid-Sussex will be able to tell you that it covers a wide area, so I can fully commiserate with all expectant mothers of that region who may now be looking foward to an even longer journey with considerably more dread than is otherwise necessary.

A friend has very kindly sent me a link to an online petition and I have found another one through my Googling efforts. In true kiasu tradition, I signed them both (links below), and also sent a letter out for good measure (courtesy of said friend who set up a website for this very purpose). The idea is to bombard the PCT with so much mail they can't fail to ignore the message we're trying to get across. We're talking about people's lives here, and that's not something anyone can play with.

Of course, this ties in very nicely with everything else that's gone wrong in the world, which merely brings to mind yet another point...Al Gore is a fucking twat.
"Global warming theory has been in political and
scientific trouble for some time, but who knew
it had sunk so low it needed a boost from
the Nobel Peace Prize committee?"
Ok, this has got nothing to do with the Princess Royal Hospital or the NHS, but Al Gore is still a first-rate dick (not unlike the pen-pushers who pretend to run our nation).

The powers-that-be have been known to lie from time to time. We know it; they know it...But to con millions with The Inconvenient Truth just takes the piss...Inconvenient, my arse! Changes in the climate (political or otherwise) couldn't have happened to Al Gore at a more opportune time!


"Onto this heap of forgotten causes and marginalia the Nobel
has just tossed Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel
on Climate Change, the UN's official climate science group.
What a blow the award must be to the IPCC, self-proclaimed
home of scientific rigour, to now be lumped in with
Reverend Al and his Travelling Snake Oil Road Show
and Climate Terror Machine."
Anyone who knows that the heading to this post is bullshit will also know that I'm In no danger of turning vegan, so I'll forgive those who assume I care very little about the environment. But whatever tiny bit of consideration I have reserved for nature is at least genuine, which is more than I can say about most so-called eco-warriors.

I do believe that man has a lot to answer for when it comes to damage that's been done to our planet, and that we've been largely responsible for pollution. But not for a second am I convinced that any of this is apocalyptic.

Changes to our planet are meant to happen. That is normal, and part of the natural selection process. Over a period of time, creatures become extinct, new species get discovered, climate blows hot and cold, continents move...This is called evolution (in the literal sense). Such knowledge is not new, so why should we let it send us into a panic just because that same information has now been packaged differently? Besides, since it was nature that created humankind in all its glory, who's to say what's man-made isn't natural by default?

I think I would be less affronted by this whole issue if so many people weren't sucked into this great money-making scheme. Does no one think for him or herself anymore?

I'm supposed to be the one with the mental problems; but so far, it seems like I'm one of the rare few who hasn't turned into a paranoid freak with prophetic delusions, handing out end-of-the-world flyers printed on recycled cardboard using the juice of dead plants (preferably organic and you really needed to ask). As far as I know, the world has been 'ending' since day one. But up till now, no one has been able to provide us with any proof that can be described as conclusive.

WHY??? WHY???

Why is everyone so gullible?

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And why am I wasting a perfectly good rant on something that has already been blogged before, especially at two in the morning when I've come down with the dreaded lurgi and feeling most irate?

Go! ...Go fritter your hard-earned money away on useless 'green' car insurance (whatever that is), and that bloody stupid hypocritical hybrid of a Toyota Prius. I don't really give a shit anyway. I'm going to devote the rest of this post to more self-centred concerns, such as the appearance of our beloved fuel-guzzling (and unashamedly so) Mustang on the cover of a car magazine.

And so, on a less crotchety note...


More photos of Horsey (taken by David) can be found within the pages of Round Up (apparently an award-winning mag), accompanied by a 4-page feature (also written by David). I was given the supreme honour of editing the article, so readers have got the final copy sans David's usual spelling mistakes and typos. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This reminds me...I've got a brilliant idea for another major Mustang event. Maybe MOCGB could organise a rally for charity. Let's all rev our engines just that little bit harder to raise funds for a worthy cause - the prevention of ...TA DA... global warming!

No, Horsey...We're not sarky at all, are we?

You will now notice this badge in the panel on the right...Because I am now churning out artwork by the dozen (or more), I have found that revising my personal website to reflect anything new can be quite time-consuming, and the last thing I want to do at the end of a working day. As I plan to have a complete re-vamp some time in the future, little pissy updates of this sort are pretty pointless.

Ergo, all recent designs have been uploaded to deviantART as a temporary quick fix, and you can view them by clicking the above-mentioned button. Most of the graphics are lo-res versions...However, folders designed for local authorities may just be snapshots of the hard copy. This is due to several reasons: A) The original files are massive, and I am too bloody lazy to re-size them down to something more manageable...particularly when separate elements were created in different programs. B) Whilst the folders may have been designed by yours truly, not all the ads in them were done by me and I just don't want to confuse matters.

Right...I'm off to bed, so you can all piss off for now. I might be in a more agreeable mood the next time I'm online, but don't hold your breath.

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UPDATED: 25 October 2007 @ 21:20

I forgot to mention that I have also uploaded recent pics of Zhouyi at my site. Most were taken during her last school holiday. Clicking on some images at my photo gallery may direct you to external albums where more pics are hosted...There were just too many photos for me to faff about with, so I took the easy way out.

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