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29 August 2007

A New Sport


"I must stress it does not reflect the ethos of Glenalmond
or that of the present community of boys and girls studying here."

He would say that, wouldn't he? It's the standard dross institutions like that would roll out as their official stance, safe in the knowledge that breeds of that stripe (particularly those running down the side of tracksuits) would never be a part of their establishment.

Personally, I've found this has nothing to do with class in the strictest sense...Otherwise, we'd have to count individuals from other sub-cultures - such as Goths - as being in a separate caste of their own, regardless of socio-economic backgrounds. Being poor or common is harmless enough; it doesn't necessarily make one part of the criminally unwashed.

Chavs have no one to blame but their own malicious behaviour and attitudes...They don't even strike me as paricularly human. I've never seen the inside of a private school, but this is one sport I will whole-heartedly support.

The way I see it: One Less Chav = One More Fox...Vivat la Eco-System!

We really are saving the world.

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