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10 July 2007

And now for some randomness...


"Felicity Jane Lowde is wanted by
police, in connection with offences under
the 1997 Protection from Harassment
Act, for stalking Rachel of North London
Christ! What a loony!

"Police eventually caught up with the
stalker at a cafe in Brick Lane, Whitechapel,
East London, last Wednesday,
following a tip-off."
It's all very sad...But I can't say I'm not glad to hear she's going to be put someplace where she can't do anymore harm.

Rachel North's case is pretty extreme, but Lowde is just one of many psychopaths prowling the net...It's so easy to wind people up these days. You never know what makes them snap (charitable acts would have been last on my list!), and it's not like there's a universal trigger that would set them off. Sometimes, all it takes is just one word for a troll to rear its ugly head.

Thankfully, most net abuse is pretty easy to ignore...As I have mentioned before on my homepage, these people are never clever enough to get very far (and I am speaking from experience).

"Such petty trivialities can be easily dealt with...
What normally transpires is this: I simply honour them with
the one-fingered salute
, and then switch to 'Ignore' mode.
Think about it...what could these people possibly do over the
net, apart from spout a few acerbic comments,
hack my machine and send a couple of viruses (which I am fully
equipped to deal with, thanks to regular back-ups from our Icy Box)???
From personal experience (yes, this has already happened to me
on numerous occasions), I have noticed that hackers
and trolls seem to hit a wall pretty quickly. I guess the
cyber community has too many safety measures in place
for these offenders to get very far in their attempts.
Besides, I did warn them...Not my fault if they choose to
behave like imbeciles by shirking all responsibility of exercising
self-control...The transgression is theirs, NOT mine...
I don't see why the rest of us have to hold back from
realising the net's full potential just
because some morons want to abuse it."

Anyhow, whilst I'm on the subject of possible mercenary motives behind so-called ethical campaigns, I thought I might as well get this off my chest.

Whilst not the most environmentally-aware of individuals, I was still very nearly swept up by the whole CO2 cause. Perhaps the only thing that kept me from being totally won over was the fact that I do actually kind of like the climate being just this little bit warmer (in fact, several more notches up the old centigrade will suit me even better). That, and this irritating characteristic I have (or so I've been told) of questioning everything put before me. Melting icebergs did spark the odd twinge of guilt here and there, though ironically, this warmth had the opposite effect of keeping my energy consumption down as gas-heating became less needful.

But all this was before I watched the Great Global Warming Swindle.


To call it the biggest hoax of our times is an understatement. I continued to be skeptical for the first half of the documentary, assuming (as I'm sure many others would have done) that it was merely counter-propaganda. I'm not terribly fond of conspiracy theories as it is - Diana, 9/11, yadda-yadda-yadda...all bollocks. But it's a little difficult to remain disbelieving when the facts are presented by so many note-worthy candidates, including one of the Founders of Greenpeace, no less...That was what probably clinched it for me.

But surprise, surprise...few are willing to acknowledge the truth despite the evidence staring them in the face. There is no way Channel 4 could raise a stink like that without provoking some kind of reprisal. I'll agree Swindle is pretty biased, but seeing as the overall debate thus far has been in favour of the anti-CO2 crew, I'd say this brings balance to the argument. Why should we only hear one side of the story?

In addition, most of the criticism directed at Swindle have been pretty wishy washy and lacking in hardcore proof, appearing to be more preoccupied with mistakes made during the film's production (which would be corrected in time for the DVD's release anyway) and the director's unfortunate reputation as a rebel (he does seem to be a bit of a cock) than actual appraisal of the points made.

But even the critics could not refute historical records demonstrating that our climate was a lot hotter during medieval times...Nor could they debunk findings which indicate global warming precedes the rise in CO2 production (meaning that increased CO2 levels are a result of rising temperatures, and not the other way around). One even went so far as to acknowledge that as fact. (How very kind of him.) The documentary merely illustrates that the global warming theory isn't as water-tight as we've been led to believe (nor are we facing an apocalyptic doom).

Just think of the sheer number of jobs, investments and political movements that depend on greenhouse gases screwing up our planet! It reminds me of the middle-ages; control the people by keeping them scared. I wouldn't call this a conspiracy as such, but it goes to show how easily we can all be swept away by a trendy concept. Global Warming is the new religion, and anyone who says it doesn't exist is a heretic. The idea is genius...or perhaps, the masses just never got any wiser...Several centuries later, and we're still behaving like sheep.

I won't say this documentary has changed anything. By all means, carry on saving fuel, promoting alternatives and all that malarkey...Just don't cite CO2 as a reason. Even without looking at the stats, it's not difficult to work out that if we keep using non-renewable sources, the supply will eventually run out. It's not rocket science, just common sense. And since the incompetent monkeys that run our planet are not ready to give up the dosh by channelling all resources towards Plan-B (nuclear, hydrogen, wind, solar, or whatever powers up your eco-boat), it's a way to buy ourselves some fucking time.

I've just realised this post isn't random at all...It appears to be turning into a lentil-munching rant, but like the global-warming scandal, I've now gathered too much momentum to stop...So we might as well take this even further.

The new bin-system is a tremendous help, and I try to do my bit. (The back of my mind produces an image of a bleak world without trees if I don't.) However, as I plough through my rubbish each week, I notice that a disturbingly large percentage of what gets chucked isn't even recyclable. It's looking more and more like damage-control to me.

Wouldn't it make more sense to approach the root of a problem rather than to stem its effects at the other end? Instead of squandering tax-payers' money on useless devices and methods that detect civilian mistakes in waste disposal, why not devote our efforts to changing the way businesses manufacture their goods? If products (and their packaging) were biodegradable or recyclable in the first place, we wouldn't even be holding this discussion.

Of course, where recyclable material eventually winds up is an entirely different matter altogether. I've been recently informed that some councils ship them to China or India where they are being sorted for something ridiculous like 50p a day. There is also speculation that recycling might even do more harm than good because the amount of energy required for the process far outweighs the benefits. Hmmm...Food for thought, but since I've yet to google this info, it could well be another urban legend so far as I'm concerned.

Like them fancy 'green' shopping bags...


I'd like to know where all these bags disappear to when they leave the supermarket shelves (or the factories of big-name designers)...I've certainly never seen any of them actually serving the purpose for which they were intended. I'm beginning to feel like the odd-one-out for being the only person lugging them past the till...I'm so glad I didn't queue up for that silly Anya Hindmarch edition.

Right! I've waffled enough today...Time I shut up, or pause for breath at any rate...Or maybe not, some politician might take it into his head to advocate new legislation that regulates the amount of air we expel. (Don't laugh! This has been suggested!)

If you're not bored yet, go watch the Great Global Warming Swindle...I can't be expected to explain 70mins (or so) worth of science to you.

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