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24 May 2007

Game Over


"The Town Hall will now be under
Conservative control
for the next four years
having been under Labour leadership
since 1991."

Just in time for summer, and the annual tidal wave of Stag and Hen Nights.

Sayonara Labour...Please shut the door behind you; we don't want more ungrateful immigrants sneaking in with their over-rated sob stories or home-made bombs.

Looks like Gordon Brown will have his work cut out for him now that Labour's been pushed off their lofty least here in Blackpool anyway...I'll wager they won't last very long elsewhere either.

"Labour has suffered a net loss of more
than 485 council seats and the Liberal Democrats
have lost about 242 seats."

Surely the Tories can't do any worse than Labour...It will be interesting to see how the Regeneration will play out after this, particularly following the recent casino showdown.

Well, that was one gamble that backfired!

Then again, eversince their re-vamp, the Conservatives don't seem to be very...erm...conservative. To sum up, New Conservatives now equals Old Labour. Change is all well and good, but I don't see any point in a right-wing party trying to emulate the leading left-wing by moving closer to the centre.

Having David Cameron head the Tories seems to be a rather dubious choice as well...He strikes me as rather wet, which is one factor that's put me off voting the Tories.

This is basically what we have come to...Electing the lesser of two evils. The other alternative is to back the obscure, such as the Official Monster Raving Loony Party.

What a mind-boggling affair...It's enough to make me want to support the BNP!

Anyhow, people like me shouldn't be allowed to vote...If I put in even a fraction of the thought that goes into deciding which shampoo to get in Boots, I'd be agonizing all day in the polling booth.

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23 May 2007

Want to see my nipple?


Oops...I meant in Perodua Nippa.

I had no idea trying to buy a cheap and economical small car would be so difficult...It took us nearly a month to get hold of this one. They seem to get snapped up pretty quick.

Anyhow, we've finally got ourselves an old banger just to cart us (and whatever shopping we get) around town. This also means our Mustang GT has wangled its way out of taking Davey to work.

Yes, little Nippy is not much to look at, but it does the job. It gets stared at almost as much as our Mustang, but for completely different reasons...Both cars are almost the same colour, but two other polar opposites you will not find...For awhile, we even toyed with the idea of a sticking a banner on the rear-end of the Mustang saying "My Other Car's a Nippa", but eventually decided against it.

As for the yellow lettering down the side of the Nippa...that was there when we bought it.

Davey is in favour of removing the letters as he would rather keep a low profile when driving this heap of shit, but I find it highly amusing in a rather ironic way. If you're going to have something as daft-looking as this, you might as well get some fun out of it...It's so ridiculously tacky that it actually transcends tackiness...I'm sure Nippy's previous owner was of like mind (or rather, I hope she was).


As is apparent in the above image, I'm learning to drive in Nippy. Two lessons plus one nearly-squashed bird later, and changing gears still shifts me into panic mode (while the car just swerves everywhere but the direction it's meant to go).

Nope, it's not going well, and no, I don't want to talk about it.

Anyway, I've got something far more important to take care of...Should them yellow stickers that say 'Nippa' come off?

PS - Just in case you don't know what I'm talking about, those stickers are down each side of the car, next to the back window...I know the picture isn't brilliant, but trust real life, there's no way you could miss it.

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