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29 April 2007



You'll definitely hear Horsey coming from miles away!!!

This probably won't make us very popular with the neighbours. But, fortunately for them, our new pony only gets taken out of the stables on sunny days-off, since it's not actually our main car. At all other times, Horsey sits quietly in the garage...usually being thoroughly pampered by David who would stroke it with a sheepwool wash mitt, every so often muttering "my precioussss" under his breath...

This is your cue to tell me that I should be very worried indeed.

Don't ask me for all the techie details, since I haven't a clue. If you want to know how many miles to the gallon, or how fast this gets from nought to 60 (five seconds, I think), Davey's the man to ask.

All I know is that it's a new 06-Reg Mustang GT in Tungsten that makes a lot of noise (though I have been assured he can get even louder after modification...God forbid!!!).

Horsey is also carnivorous, and feeds on dead dinosaurs...a lot of dead dinosaurs...

For some reason, it thinks I'm a small child and keeps turning the passenger airbag off...Most disconcerting! Perhaps I should just stuff my bra with concrete.

I wasn't all that excited about getting a Mustang to begin with. I'd seen pictures of it at the dealers, and just couldn't see what the fuss was about. It was always David's dream to possess one, not mine. I know it's an iconic symbol and that it won't depreciate much over the years, but ultimately, it's just a car - a box on wheels that gets you from A to B.

...And then I saw it in the flesh...all 3518 lbs of glossy metallic V8 muscle.


The pictures don't do it any justice. It is quite simply the most stunning car I have ever seen. And the ride is just AWESOME...It's like being in a roller-coaster (obviously when there aren't any speed cameras around...winding country lanes are best)...Pretty stable for an American car as well, and very comfortable.

We knew it would be eye-catching, but were not quite prepared for the amount of attention it actually got.

Accidents nearly happened on the motorway because people were literally staring with their mouths open (as opposed to watching where they're meant to be going...tsk tsk), and some of them were actually hanging out of their car windows taking photos of Horsey with their mobile-cams.

With all the pointing and cheering going on, it's almost like your typical car advert come to life. When Davey stopped at a service station to get a sandwich, there was a crowd around the car when he got back...We have since decided never to leave it alone in public ever again.

Sadly, we're not in the habit of offering perfect strangers a ride, but YouTube fans can always hitchhike by proxy.

Here's a video of us messing about in the Mustang, and here's another one of us messing about in the Mustang...again.

Please pay no attention to that strange Oriental woman desperately trying to duck from the camera...We have no idea where we picked her up from.

Of course, this blog would not be complete without a collection of photos. Besides, how could we possibly resist yet another opportunity to show off?







Not a bad investment, eh?

Still, I have to confess Horsey isn't really my first love. It used to be the Ford Puma that took my fancy, but I've now got my heart set on a cute little Nissan Figaro.




I'm not sure if I want it in Pink and White...Pink has never been my favourite colour. I was thinking more along the lines of Lime Green and White, with a matching interior that's been Hello-Kittyfied.

I know it's a lot of money to spend on so little car, but I've just got to have it...The Figaro is just soooo me!

Davey has already sworn he will have nothing to do with it, but...oh well...

Now all I have to do is pass my driving test...

UPDATED: 22 August 2007 @ 20:12


More photos of our wee beastie, this time posing at Trough of Bowland, can also be found here.

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