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11 February 2007


"Heavy snow falls have caused travel chaos
for thousands of people across large parts of England."

Lies! All lies!

All these tales of snow-blocked roads, school closures, and sledding must be figments of somebody's overactive imagination (and heavy Photoshop work).

Whilst the rest of the nation (including counties down south) can boast of inches that would put Dirk Diggler to shame, what do we get over here?


Not even the slightest bit of slush...Every fucker else gets to snowboard in their back gardens and build snow-families, but not us.

A few sloppy flakes were the only crumbs that fell off the proverbial table at our end, and all we have to show for it is lots of wind and considerably damp ground.

Guess that's it for now until next year...

What is the whole bloody point of winter anyway?

PS - Please don't give me that tired old excuse...If I hear 'global warming' one more time, I shall scream...And don't talk to me about the west coast getting less snow because of proximity to the gulf stream and the abundance of salt in the air...Just get it to snow here, and I will shut up.

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  • At 12/2/07 16:04, Blogger Kate said…

    We didn't get any either, it's very disappointing. Mind you, if we had no one would say a thing, snow is only news if it happens in London.

  • At 12/2/07 22:22, Blogger Charme said…

    Surely not! Yorkshire didn't get any snow?

    Now, that does make me feel better! :-p

    I think Manchester and Birmingham got quite a lot of coverage (media, I mean)...The big cities will always get a mention, but quite a lot of other towns made headline news as well.

  • At 24/2/07 03:59, Blogger Peter DeWolf said…

    I can send you snow from here in Canada.

  • At 25/2/07 17:10, Blogger Charme said…

    If this is of the hallucinogenic, non-melting kind, no thanks...We already have too much of it here! :-p


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