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22 January 2007

New-de Stuff


Oooh...look...'tis my bottom!

That and other bits of me (captured on film!) can now be found at my homepage to kick-start my 30th year.

Argh! The big three-oh...Looks like it's all gonna be downhill from now...But still, not bad for an old trout, eh?

Anyhow, this blog isn't just about me...


Photos from Zhouyi's birthday and our holiday in S' year, have also been uploaded...Well, some of them anyway. Yes, I know...I am very unreliable.

But seriously...look, face, bothered?

Here's something you should really give a shit about though...

Yeap, stop watching reality TV or scanning the headlines for CBB news (whatsherface is out; it's not racism; they're all dumb chavs; what did you expect?).

Your time would be better spent saving the planet by making yourself look pretty.


Or, paying to look at photos of some lovely models.

This isn't as shallow as it would be under normal circumstances, because the tops featured in these pictures also raise awareness for the conservation of animals, whilst the moolah from subscription fees goes towards their protection...And it's not just any wildlife, but those we tend to overlook because they don't make us go "aaaaaw".

I'm a bit partial to bats myself (perhaps I read too many vampire novels), but if you're like me and some of the other creatures make your skin crawl, at least think of the bigger picture...Their extinction would cause more damage than you could imagine.

There's more to the eco system than cute little bunny wabbits and baby seals.

So while you're drooling over the hotties at Sexy Conservation, keep in mind that it's only eye-candy and remember...

...ALL life is beautiful.

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