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06 December 2006

Noughtie by Nature

Before I lunge headlong into one of my rants, I want to make one thing clear...This is just not right.

How could this look EVER be attractive?

Model agencies usually have a strict policy to only accept fashion models no smaller than size 8 and well-proportioned. Obviously, this one somehow managed to slip her bony arse through the net...

Now, some of you may think that being a tad smaller than size 6, I've got no right to talk...But I'm just thin...NOT skeletal.

I have meat on my bones, and fat (hopefully some muscle too...though the weight-training has lapsed a bit) in all the right places. I've never tried to starve myself (I love food too much...I'd rather die than diet...unless it's the type that helps me gain a few pounds), what goes into my gut moves in the right direction (down, not up), and even doctors agree I haven't got any weight-related health problems because my dimunitive dimensions are hereditary. Not all of us skinny folk deserve the sort of comments we get in the fitting room.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but because people are getting bigger, dress sizes have had to expand to accommodate the new and improved British woman. A size 12 from years ago would have been smaller than what it is now...On top of that, we have introduced sizes that go up to 34, and that's just gonna continue increasing as the fat lady keeps singing (or should that be 'eating'?).

So it's baffling that people are actually horrified we now have to invent a size 0 (or size 4 to us Brits) for thin people.

Is being underweight somehow MORE dangerous than being obese?

Or maybe with all the plus-sized Mama Sitas taking up so much room, there just ain't any space left in the market for skinny chicks.

I think it's high time more of a niche is created for those of us 'noughties'...Lord knows there's already enough apparel out there catering to the big and beautiful.

Limited Choices for Small People:
Reet Petite
Dainty Ladies
Petite Affair
AA Lingerie
Little Women
Small Measures
Ladies Petite Clothing
Personal Petite Shopper

PS - The term 'petite' does not always refer to slender women, but to those of various shapes and sizes under 5'3".

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  • At 12/12/06 03:38, Anonymous Darren said…

    Ewww she's gross!! Your damn hot though :D

  • At 18/12/06 09:44, Anonymous Karl said…

    First, congrats on moving house. Hope it went well.

    Secondly this world is becoming increasingly odd. Someone wrote, we now have an educated class that eats functionally and an underclass that eats excessively - that we have a thin elite and an ever growing (in all meanings of the phrase) obese anti-elite, hooked on McDonalds. There is some truth but education is not the only thing at play, greed has much to do with it too. I agree that many less well off people eat badly as food can be expensive but also buying 10 bottles of Coca Cola a week are not essential food items.

    Being obese is a combination of education, wealth, peer pressure, role models (mum, dad etc) and expectations.

    It does make me laugh a bit when you hear people complaining about magazines and thin models when all I see around me are overweight, heavy drinking and smoking girls with too much flab and gob. Sure those images must impress on some people but they will have had a problem anyway, it is a mental illness, those images focus the mind and bring it to the surface - otherwise why isn't everyone puking in the lavs?

    Why are these girls I see getting bigger? The over abundance of food shopping (cafes, restaurants, fast-food, heat and eat, 24 hour supermarkets) is too much for some that don't realise you should only eat enough to live on. The self loathing that comes from being overweight is as much to blame as the fashion mags (which will only ever make you feel ugly anyway). Drinking culture doesn't help. Bacardi are advertising their drink as a slimming aid almost these days.

    I cannot agree either with having overweight models in mags or on runways, it is just as bad as underweight ones - one is not worse than the other. We all know the score, don't eat pies and chocs everyday - and don't sick them up!

    I'll say it again and again, we have lost our responsibility in the west for our own destiny. Health and Safety zealots (lawyers too) have taken that away from us with streets full of "safety" furniture, warnings about nuts on packets of nuts and "This food may be hot" on hot apple pie.

    This is a badly thought out rant as I have to do some work... all I'm trying to say is that we need to wake up and be sensible.

  • At 18/12/06 13:40, Blogger Charme said…

    Badly thought out?'ve not said anything that doesn't make perfect sense.

    A lot of people moan about their weight, yet do nothing about it...That always gets on my tits.

    Oh well, back to the grind...will email you about our new house...My god! I'm all hyper because it's x'mas!

    Er, where was I? Oh yes, work...


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