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25 December 2006

Does your advent calendar...


...look something like this?

My my, is it that time of year already?

It seems like it wasn't so long ago we were having this same conversation.

Oh well, 2006 hasn't gone too badly, so let's hope 2007 will be an improvement...I've been granted a bit of a breather (in between bites of turkey and gift-unwrapping...oh and yeah, let's not forget that particular activity which puts money in the bank), hence time on my hands to post this little snippet.

Woohoo!!! I get a lie-in everyday from now till the 2nd of January, which I think I'm bloody well entitled to, seeing as I juggle about 3 jobs at any one time!


We're halfway through the day, and it's been pretty good so far...It's our first Christmas in our own house, my cooking went down rather well (we had friends over for lunch), and David bought me a groovy digital photo frame!!! OH YES!!!

Our little girl absolutely loved her Pixel Chix games, and we also received a new toaster (amongst other bits and bobs)...I even managed not to offend anyone on this auspicious occasion by posting all the Christmas cards on time (for a change)...All in all, I think this must be one of the best Christmas I've ever had!

Anyhooo, back to the mulled wine...Here's wishing all you folks a Merry Ho-Ho-Ho and Happy New Year!

PS - Don't eat too much chocolate...because ALL your chocs are US!!!!!

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