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20 October 2006

The Hole Problem


"Tony Blair has said the wearing of full face veils
by Muslim women is a 'mark of separation'."

Bloody Hell! Tony Blair finally making a stand???

I have to say, in all the years he's been Bush's Yes-Man, this is this first time I've ever whole-heartedly supported anything he's ever said or done. It's a little late for him to start doing something right, all things considered, but you know what they say...Funny that the only PM with any balls was actually female.

I may not have agreed with some of Thatcher's policies, but jesus, that woman had guts...and the temerity to do what it takes to get a job done. None of her male successors who grazed the political floorboards of No. 10 have been a match for the Iron Lady's gumption, and it took practically the entire cabinet to bring her down.

Multi-culturalism is supposed to go both ways...Muslims can't expect everyone else to bend over backwards to please them whilst they refuse to give an inch where the rights of other Brits are concerned...It can't all be take, take, take.

By wearing a veil, these fanatics are effectively sending out a message that they want to put up a barrier of the most extreme kind between themselves and the rest of society, so what right have they to act outraged when they are made to feel 'excluded'?


This isn't a question of culture, race, or religion...It is about whether an individual is capable of doing her job fully. Communication is all part of the educational process, and that includes facial expressions and body language. By covering her face almost completely, Aisha Azmi dilutes the teaching experience and renders it less effective. The veil is a handicap in that profession, and in many other aspects of life, such as driving (especially if the veil goes over the eyes). Another good example bears shades of Salman Rushdie's Shame - a suspected terrorist who literally played peekaboo with the law by dressing in a Burka...and almost got away.

“She’d made the decision — not her parents
or anybody else — that she wanted, as part
of her statement of her faith, to wear the veil.”
Muslim, and proud of it...That's the motto! Who cares how it affects other people?

I've always been under the impression that Islam taught its followers to be humble and selfless, and that there's more to the faith than taking to the veil...I'd be very interested to find out how this religion has suddenly become the means to prove a point (the significance of which escapes me).

"As far as the full veil goes that conceals
everything except the eye, I have to say
I've always in the past seen that as a
symbol of women's oppression..."

Who's even talking about oppression? If you ask me, I think it's non-Muslims who are being discriminated against.

I very much doubt the champions of Islam would be all that accommodating were I to wander around one of their Muslim states in a traditional Qi Pao with its fabric tightly wound around my body to show off every inch of my figure, and half my legs on display through side slits. We obey their laws when we enter their domain; it's not a great deal for us to desire the same respect. Surely this is all about compromise? It can't be one rule for them, and another for everyone else!

Religious tolerance is all well and good, but this is just taking things to the extreme.

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