The Lava Trolley: September 2006

The Lava Trolley

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19 September 2006

It's Only Words!


Spotted by Private Eye:

"House Prices Slow
Annual house price growth slowed to
5.2% in June, according to official figures.

- Times, 15 August 2006, p22

"Housing Market Surge Goes On
The resurgent housing market showed
little sign of slowing for the summer
as it chalked up the fastest price rises
for more than two eyars, a leading
survey showed yesterday.

- Times, 15 August 2006, p41

Women's magazines are probably even more notorious for giving contradictory advice. These grand dames of inconstancy excel particularly in slagging off slim celebrities whilst advocating the latest diet scheme within the covers of each stick-thin model-infested issue, and all this without so much as breaking a single nail (or smearing their overly made-up conscience).

It just goes to show that you can't believe anything the media has to offer...

Trust me, I'm a journalist.

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