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09 August 2006

Identity Sold Separately

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Apparently, I look like her...

Awhile back, I found this site - My Heritage - which provided hours of entertainment (translation: uncontrollable spasms of incredulous laughter). All you have to do is upload a clear facial photo of yourself (or the mugshot of anyone prime for ridicule), and an online programme generates a gallery of celebrities you look like, along with a percentage of how close the similarities are.

According to this site, below are a few of the famous personalities I supposedly resemble...

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Of course it's a load of bollocks. Not sure how they worked all this out, but with the exception of Lucy Liu (maybe), any likeness that I share with the rest of them is so minute it might as well not exist...especially when you take into account this final result!

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This is crap...I look like me, myself and I...No one else...End of.

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