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06 June 2006

Nasi Goreng Cravings & More

batu ferringhi1

"Planting rice is no fun,
Bend from morn to the set of sun.
Cannot stand and cannot sit,

Cannot rest a little bit."

Just thought I'd share that little nursery song with everyone, though I'm not quite sure what it's meant to inspire. Perhaps it's to discourage kids from agricultural pursuits, in favour of sensible careers as Doctors, Lawyers and Accountants. This must be an Asian thing...I'm sure 'living off the fat of the land' was never on the agenda when my parents were bringing me up...

This isn't just another one of my random thoughts...It's been brought on by rice-withdrawal symptoms (or to be more precise, me being too lazy to pay Sainsbury's a visit).

Where's a padi field when you need one?

Never mind, forget it...That song's still reverberating through my head.

Excuse me while I go hug a tree...

wet market2

Oh well, not long to go again before we fly, fly away...


At least one good thing has come out of my 'rice deprivation'...Memories of fine Asian living has spurred me to finally upload those rice nice photos we took in Singapore and Malaysia (as promised months ago), so you can now see our holiday snapshots in all their tropical glory.

little india1

My Flickr account won't let me have more than three sets, so all images have had to be stored in David's. They run over two pages, but you can always select the slideshow option to save your fingers all that clicking. Whilst watching the slide, you can also click on each photo to see the caption/headings.

kek lok si temple9

View the long-awaited Holiday Album.

PS - I've recently been taken on by the agency Elegant Models.

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