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20 June 2006


0093 cyber2a

"Some recruiters are looking up applicants
on social networking sites like Facebook,
MySpace, Xanga and Friendster, where
college students often post risqué or
teasing photographs and provocative
comments about drinking, recreational
drug use and sexual exploits in what some
mistakenly believe is relative privacy."
I have no such illusions.

It is baffling, is it not…how some of us still hold on to the assumption that we can somehow divorce our online behaviour from who we really are?

There was a time when the web was thought to be a place that would allow us to be the person we wish we could be, to live out our fantasies…all under the cover of anonymity. But despite the nimiety of ‘9inchcock’s, ‘bustyblonde’s, and other such dubious online personas inundating the web, it has become increasingly apparent that this role-playing business only goes so far in providing a flimsy façade for one’s true character.

The truth will out…eventually.

People online reveal more of who they really are than they would ever dare to in the flesh. And as more and more of us cross over into cyber reality, the line separating both worlds blurs even further…evident in the rising number of net-related crimes.

And yet, not all of us are as amenable to the idea of cowering behind a false identity.

0198 maria-uv

The internet is a very public arena…There is nothing I post on here which I may later fear would come back to haunt me. On the contrary, I want all and sunder to know who I am and what I do.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s what the net is for…a lean, mean, PR machine.

I am unabashedly the person I say I am. (After almost 30 years of living closely with the subject, I trust I know a little more than you do?) I don’t even make any attempts to conceal my real name, age or location (with the exception of my full address to keep stalkers at bay).

All my life, I have never pretended to be anyone other than myself, and I’m cunting well not gonna start changing that now…not even for the sake of getting more work.

Clients and employers should appreciate such honesty. They have a right to know exactly what they’re investing in, and are surely not so naïve as to believe someone out there actually has an unblemished record…Sooner or later, they will discover just what sort of person they are working with, so why put it off?

If I am to be deprived of their company simply because they cannot reconcile themselves to the person I am, then that's no loss to me.

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PS - This made me laugh at myself, and I don't even consider myself a gamer...well, not really...This joke's only slightly less embarrassing than the fact that I actually understand what it means...That's worrying, that.

PS again - Apart from the last one, the photos are by David, so don't nick 'em.

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  • At 2/7/06 21:10, Anonymous Karl said…

    Funny you bring this up as we have been talking about this at work on our internal blogs. "Can Facebook kill your career?" was the question.

    A number of people have been caught out, and although this hasn't effected any promotion decisions (as there were none to be made right now) they have changed peoples perception and so will have some consequences in the future.

    Phoebe is growing up fast, talking in a mixture of languages, will only eat when she feeds herself (quite independent) and enjoys going to the toilet. 17 months old, goes so bloody quick.

  • At 4/7/06 19:44, Blogger Charme said…

    I have nothing against employers doing a little online research to find out a more about candidates. If roles were reversed, I'd do exactly the same thing...just to weed out the nasties...Someone who behaves like an abusive prick online (BNP supporters included) will prolly be a right arsehole to work with...I support the idea completely, and have actually taken advantage of it...I doubt I would have as many job offers without my website or blog (both of which link to my profiles on MySpace, Friendster etc). They did more than just getting my foot in the door...But then again, the industry I work in tends to be somewhat 'liberal' (for want of a better word), or more accepting of those who think outside the box (sometimes even actively seeking that particular character trait).

    I think the biggest threat to companies might be bloggers who breach confidentiality...They should be more worried about staff revealing their trade secrets or summat...I think, however, that all they'll find in the majority of work-related blogs is the usual bitching and office gossip.

    What I do have a problem with is the kind of petty excuses people give for not hiring someone. Some of the reasons given for such discrimination can be pretty trivial and have no relation whatsoever to a person's capacity to carry out his/her responsibilities.

    ...Phoebe enjoys going to the toilet? Wow...never heard of a kid who liked being toilet-trained. Mine still uses a potty now and then as the normal WC is too big for her...

    Bet Phoebe makes a big mess when feeding herself...Oh joy! You've got a couple more years of that too look foward to! :-p

  • At 19/7/06 21:08, Anonymous Atul said…

    Great post, and I totally agree that if I'm reasonable in what I put on-line and a company doesn't want to hire me because of my opinions, then I don't want to work there.


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