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25 May 2006

Is it becos' I is black?


It was a Crash more ways than one...

But then again, perhaps that's partly my own fault for being so ready to swallow all the hype. That'll teach me to believe Oscar winners/nominees deserve the awards bestowed on them.

I was expecting a film more profound than what Crash delivered, but was instead disappointed to find it utterly though the makers had to strive desperately hard just to prove a point. I can appreciate their use of cultural stereotypes, but for a story meant to mirror real-life experiences, Crash is less about true racism, than what people perceive to be racism...This isn't the first time such an attempt has been made...Nothing ground-breaking here, and I'm not sure if its treatment of the subject is what I'd call effective.

The sub-plots don't flow together very well, and despite reviews (and recommendations from friends who positively raved about it) proclaiming Crash to be pretty moving, I actually found myself cringing at the melodrama that unfolded before my eyes...Very OTT...The ending, in particular, completely ruined it for me...I was reminded of the very bad (and supposedly) tear-jerking Taiwanese dramas I was forced to endure as a child...When snowflakes are featured in a closing scene, you know it's definitely all over.

However, don't let my comments put you off watching the movie...It's still fairly entertaining (especially when TV offers far less that is worth watching). And if nothing else, Crash does demonstrate the triviality of certain social a roundabout way.

All in all, not terribly impressed. I just didn't buy it...Thank goodness I didn't pay to watch it on the big screen.

I'd give Crash a lukewarm 3-star rating, and that's pretty generous from me...I've yet to come across any movies that warrant 5 stars, and it's rare for one to even merit 4.

Anyhow, whilst we're on the topic of culture and racism, I've been recently informed (and quite stroppily too!) that the term 'coloured' is considered offensive (just as spastics have now got to be classed as 'special'), though I'm slightly nonplussed as to what persons would make up the outraged party...The way things are, I'm amazed the 'fairer sex' isn't already up in arms (or rather, banners, ribbons, campaign slogans, and the like) over such disparaging references, or that the manufacturers of Dyson haven't made legal waves in a battle to remove 'hoover' from colloquialism...That's the problem with getting pedantic...One could go on about it longer than Mrs Doyle and her cups of tea.

Not too long ago, I was caught up in a debate over cultural/political influences, and a somewhat taboo question was raised (sadly, not by me, though I was intrigued)...Research didn't get me very far (Google has failed me in this instance!), so I thought there might be an expert out there who can throw some light on this:

There's no denying that blacks have contributed a great deal to the world in general, but why is it that prior to colonisation and slavery, Africans (when it came to exploration and invention) did not evolve the same way as other ancient civilisations?

Caveat Lector - Don't read too much into this entry...The above is a genuine query.

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  • At 8/7/06 16:55, Anonymous Sniper said…

    you know whats funny is that I never thought about that until that question was asked??? but I think It has something to do with political leadership. If the political goverment can't unite then the common peoples suffer. Advancement is not possible unless all peoples are unified. think about it in a small scale, if a private company is devided and can't work as a team, ultimately the company fails? why is the expression "team player" so important? but Africa has a great history. when Egypt ruled the known world, most cultures were still barbarians. for instance, look at Iraq (early babylonians) it too, at one time, was the leader of the world. but it's former glory has passed along with Egypt, Greece, and the Roman empire ect. ect. where are those great empires now? all empires rise just too fall it seems? I think Egypt (Africans) has fallen and has never recovered. neither will Iraq,Greece,or Rome. like the sun rises and falls, those empires have seen their former glory. but thats my theory, what do you think? I would love to hear your input. sorry so long, :*) but you did pose a really good question?

  • At 8/7/06 17:05, Blogger Charme said…

    Sorry, I should have been more specific in my blog.

    I was actually referring to the Negro race. Although Egypt is geographically situated in Africa, it was a melting pot of cultures from ancient times (including the era when it reigned supreme, as by then, the ones who made a difference were not precisely of the indigenous population) up till today, because of the way it staddles so many different regions. The term 'Egyptian' alludes more to nationality and identity than race. Archaeological findings have even shown that some Egyptians actually had red hair, and although there were Blacks in Egypt, like in many other places (such as what was formerly known as the British empire), to my knowledge, there has never been a predominantly 'Black empire' that progressed to the same height of power as that of White, Asian, Hispanic (etc etc) civilisations at their respective moments of glory...

    I'm just curious as to why that is the case...

    You are, however, right in saying that the Negro culture has never given the impression of being particularly unified (as compared to other cultures)...Historically, it has been shown that distrust crops up quite frequently, even amongst their own people...Do you think that might be a question of genetics?

    I was also thinking about individual advancement...There was a time when all races were on level par, starting out from the same place, in the same way, but before white intervention/influence in the African continent, did you ever hear of any world famous Black inventors, explorers or conquerers?

    It's not something I like to think about (for obvious reasons), but hey, if you don't ask, you'll never understand.


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