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29 March 2006

Singapura, Temasek, Lion City...


...Concrete Garden, Disneyland with the Death Penalty (a country largely misunderstood), the Geneva of Asia, Singapore or whatever you choose to call it, is where David and I have been spending the last couple of weeks (except for a few days in Penang, Malaysia) wondering why holidays have to end.


It was my intention to extend my stay, but for various really daft reasons (long story...Suffice to say, I shall not be flying with Air France ever again), have not been able do that...and so, I shall find myself flying back to the UK with David later tonight.

Oh well, no matter...I shall be returning east this September...only a few more months to go...I might not have left S'pore yet, but am already starting the countdown for my next trip.

The first thing that will hit you (after you've noticed how immaculate everything is...No one ever has reason to complain that this place looks any different from pictures out of a travel brochure. Singapore's always postcard-perfect) is the heat and humidity...Imagine living in a greenhouse...Despite the air-conditioning, which is practically everywhere (buses, trains, shops etc), I still managed to develop a crusty icky heat rash on my face and legs in the second week of our trip...So far, the only unpleasant reaction I've encountered here.

Then again, that could just be me, I turn lobster-red on a regular basis...Working with computers often has that effect on me.


I'd post a longer entry, but have already written so much about this region that I might as well just direct you to my other articles which will also lead you to relevant links. Basically, any moment not spent sight-seeing was spent eating, eating, and oh...did I also mention - eating...But no worries...we haven't put on any weight (none that I can tell anyway), though I can't say the same for our baggage!


Anyhow, these are just a few photos we took whilst in Singapore and Malaysia...a photo album of our holiday will be uploaded soon...



Copy of _MG_2089-02



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