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22 December 2005

My 15 Minutes of Fame


Ok, it's probably less than 15 minutes...But who's counting?

Anyhow, guess what??! I'm gonna be on telly!!!

The above image is a still from a music video for UK Metalcore Band Enemo-J's song, Last Children of History, directed by film-making whizzes Matthew Burton & Crew.

Enemo-J has recently won a Kerrang Award for Best Unsigned Band, though have now been snapped up by Casket Records. In the video, I play a schoolgirl gone slightly mental (that means, your average teenager). It will be aired worldwide on MTV Kerrang early 2006.


I'll have a few more new pics by Elizabeth Preston to add to me portfolio, and am looking foward to a couple more shoots lined up next year, one of which will be with Rob Mcgrory in February 2006, so... this space...

UPDATED: 27 April 2007 @ 16:30

Video of my TV debut uploaded

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  • At 23/12/05 10:48, Blogger Su Ti Ben said…

    oh congratulations on that. I never heard of that band though. Might have to check them out

  • At 23/12/05 12:19, Blogger Charme said…

    Hi, thanks for the comment. Enemo-J is more like a heavy metal (very very heavy) band (and still very new...they won't have an album out till next year), which isn't a genre that I often listen to (though I still plug into music by Metallica and The Cure on occasion). However, I have heard a hidden track on Enemo-J's soon-to-be-released album which is a little trippy, unlike the other stuff they've done...Really nice people though, despite the angry music!


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