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02 December 2005

It Wasn't Me!


"A third of people believe a woman is partially or completely responsible for being raped if she has behaved flirtatiously, a survey suggests."

Hmmm...that's hardly news to me...I'm actually more surprised that the stats aren't higher.

Mind you, women aren't always very sensible when it comes to this sort of thing.

"A rape case has collapsed after a 21-year-old student said that she had been too drunk to remember whether or not she had agreed to have sex."
Much as I sympathize with this young lady, I can't help but agree with the eventual verdict...A suspect can only be convicted if there is irrevocable proof that he's guilty...'Maybe' just ain't good enough.

Perhaps she did NOT give consent...Perhaps the accused DID take advantage of her drunken state...But the fact remains that she was not in any position to provide sufficient evidence.

Since rape, by nature, is a crime that's so diffcult to prove, I don't understand why more women don't take it upon themselves to exercise caution when out and about.

Sure, a woman doesn't deserve to be sexually harrassed just because she's wearing a short skirt, but you can't deny that it's not terribly wise to be dressed provocatively when you're alone, and walking down a deserted street at night. Nor is it a good idea to get yourself so smashed on drink that you can barely remember your own name, let alone the resulting events that enfold.

Let's face it...Women get attention whether or not they invite it, and it doesn't even matter what they're wearing. However, the more skin you show, the more likely it is that you'll be noticed. Men WILL take that as a cue to make pervy comments. If you're lucky, that's as far as it goes, but should the worst happen, I can assure you that your attacker WILL use your dress sense as an excuse, whether or not the law allows him to. I'm not saying it's right for men to behave that way, or that it is the REASON you're faced with all that hassle...I'm just saying that they WILL try it on...There are no 'IF's or 'BUT's about it...So why give them the chance?

We can't control the way men choose to function, but we CAN minimize the risk of being raped by using a little common sense.

Here's a few preventive measures, for example:

a) If you're going to wear anything revealing, make sure you're surrounded by people who care about you, people you know you can trust.

b) If things don't go according to plan, and you HAVE to make your way home on your own, choose routes that tend to be a little more 'populated'. Don't accept rides from people you don't really know.

c) Carry some sort of self-defence weapon, like a rape alarm etc...Even StoppaRed is better than nothing!

d) Don't EVER let strangers buy you drinks, and always watch your own glass/bottle. If you intend to indulge, at least let your mates know so someone can watch out for you...If they're really your friends, they wouldn't object, particularly if you would do the same for them. But personally, I wouldn't get myself that drunk anyway. The same rule applies to men. I strongly advise against getting involved with women who are severely intoxicated...The kind of trouble you could get into is hardly worth it.

Admittedly, there is no guarantee that these steps will keep you totally safe. Figures show that a high percentage of rapes were carried out by individuals whom the victim should have been able to trust, eg. family members, close friends/colleagues, their spouse/partner etc etc. But the more careful we are, the more likely it is that we shall be able to eliminate each possibility of finding ourselves in harm's way.

Rape will ALWAYS be wrong, no matter how the victim conducts herself. That there are still rapists who get away with their crimes at this day and age is an outrage. However, the law cannot be seen to show favour to either males or females. Justice is no less violated when an innocent person is wrongly named and shamed, regardless of gender.

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  • At 7/12/05 22:49, Anonymous Karl said…


    Yeah she is climbing the bed now and getting all over the place. She is still smiling loads and having fun.

    I think Ping and Phoebe will just get Red Envelopes!

    Hope you warm up - up north! :o)

  • At 7/12/05 22:52, Anonymous Karl said…


    Yeah she is even climbing on the bed now and getting all over the place. Teeth coming through and she is more cute than ever.. but then I would say that being dad.

    Red envelopes for Christmas, Phoebe has no idea - lets see how long that will last!

    Hope you warm up - up north.

    Happy Christmas.. Karl Ping Phoebe

  • At 8/12/05 18:54, Blogger Charme said…

    Hehe...I know you're proud of Phoebe, but there's no need to double-post...or should we say 'double-boast'??? :-p

    She is looking so lovely and lively!!! Any teething problems? Did she like that musical thingy or has that been battered to death now...

    Well, it's not getting any warmer here, but it did snow...once...sort of...not enough to build a snowman though!

    I've already posted Zhouyi's present. But our room is still filled with other stuff I've bought her...Think I might send an Ang Pow too...Well...the Paypal equivalent anyway...

    Not many prezzies to buy since everyone lives so far away, and after the kerfuffle with David's mum, I'm reluctant to push the boat out for David loads of stuff though, but won't say anything here 'cos he might end up reading it!

  • At 12/12/05 09:41, Anonymous Karl said…

    I had problems posting here.. kept taking me back to the same screen.. tried 4 times in all!

    Yeah she still plays with the toy but she like mobile phones better.. well anything that I need for work or electrical - electrical and sharp is prime eating material


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