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15 November 2005

Somewhere over the rainbow...

anklet groups would have us believe there's a pot of gold.

Maybe there is, but that would very much depend on where you get your coloured trimmings. eBay is probably a bad idea (though some charities do have an eBay shopfront), and market stalls worse, since doing that would completely defeat the purpose.

Not that some people care... Image hosted by

"Conservative leadership contender David Davis wants to embrace the
'wristband generation'. Another election, another target group,
another catchy name - but does the strategy work?"

I must say that I find that phrase slightly patronising, but the main objection I have is the sanctioning of charity armbands as mere fashion accessories, which from a political and social point of view is a little unethical.

Don't get me wrong...I am not protesting against the wearing of wristbands per se. The idea of using one of the world's most lucrative markets to raise awareness has worked wonders for charities, and celebrity endorsement will always draw attention. However, it's now becoming more apparent that the meaning behind this concept has got lost in all the hype.

When the general populace (or rather, the so-called 'wristband generation') are toting rubber trophies simply to demonstrate that they are among the hip and happening (or as cheating aids during exams...special edition jewellery with an eye-catching 'periodic table design', anyone?), you know that fund-raising for charities has catapulted right to the bottom of their priority list.

Skeptics, such as Rob Manuel of B3ta, can be forgiven for their backlash against this current trend...


Whilst I wouldn't go so far as to adorn any part of my anatomy with 'effing' expletives (Nothing like a good ribbing to get your message across), I've made it a point to be a little more discriminate in my selection. In an ideal world, I should be able to support every single charity that comes into existence, but sadly, that would require a disposable income...Furthermore, exhibit the entire spectrum of colours on your limbs and you might just find yourself being mistaken for a Christmas light display. Image hosted by

Despite the plethora of information on this subject, you'd be amazed at how little most of us know about the cause each armband is meant to represent.

Yellow: Testicular Cancer ~ Support our Troops
Blue: Anti-Bullying ~ Anti-Bush ~ Tsunami Relief ~ Prostate Cancer
Pink: Breast Cancer
Red: Heart-Disease ~ Pro-Bush ~ Anti-Tobacco ~ HIV
Purple: Cystic Fibrosis ~ Lupus ~ Stop Domestic Violence ~ Mental Illness
White: Jesus Loves Me ~ Right to Life ~ End Poverty ~ Anti-Racism
Orange: Asperger's ~ Self-Harm ~ Mental Illness
Grey: Diabetes ~ Brain Cancer
Green: Ecology ~ Leukaemia ~ Organ Donor ~ Stop Child Abuse
Gold: Childhood Cancer
Black: Mourning ~ Melanoma ~ Anti-Racism

There are only so many colours available to us, so it's hardly a dilemma that would warrant hours of agonising. Except, in my case, the campaigns significant to me deal with matters that many would still consider taboo...The sort of problems that are only spoken of in hushed voices, behind closed doors, or get pushed into the darkest corner of one's cupboard (along with that bright yellow shellsuit...ssh! Image hosted by ). But perhaps, these are the very issues that deserve more attention.

With the all the pink and red ribbons fluttering about lately, I doubt there are any among us who are unfamiliar with the hardship brought on by Breast Cancer and Aids. But few individuals would feel comfortable acknowledging the presence of abuse or mental/personality disorders in their lives, making the self-harm awareness slogan - Silence Hurts - particularly appropriate.

Unfortunately, none of the armbands I bought came in child sizes, so (as you can see in the picture) my charity bracelets ended up becoming anklets instead. The black one, which normally stands for anti-racism, was an attempt at a bit of humour less controversial than Manuel's piss-take against this most recent fad. Besides...Geeks could do with a little TLC too!!! Image hosted by

Not that I'm complaining...After all, raising awareness and supporting GENUINE charities (registered or otherwise) will always be a good cause.

Buy Wristbands:
Orange ~ Silence Hurts ~ Mental Health in the UK
Purple ~ Stop Hidden Hurt ~ Police Against Domestic Violence
Black ~ ThinkGeek ~ ThinkGeek

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09 November 2005

It's Alive! ALIVE!!!!


Ok, new pics of moi and Zhouyi all uploaded at my site now, plus other stuff...

...Also, our PC now has fresh blood running through its veins, and is happily crunching some big bad bytes even as I type!!! Image hosted by


Only thing we've left out is the blanking plate for the floppy drive (Who still uses them these days? Image hosted by ) as a water pump is currently residing where the drive should be...

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