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06 October 2005

You can do it...

...if you B & Q it!!!

This here is a pic of our new machine aka The Monolith aka Black Bastard...well, it's actually David's, but since what's his is mine and what's mine is mine blah-dee-blah etc know the score...

Yes, you don't have to tell me it looks a wee bit messy, but that's because it's work in progress...We're going to see if we can finish most of it this weekend (or rather, David will be...I'm just going to sit there and point out the mistakes he makes Image hosted by, then enjoy the fruits of his efforts when it's all up and running).

It's going to be a water-cooled system (pic shows PC before plumbing's been put in...we shall soon find out if it's going to be an aquarium of delights or a sewage system of crap Image hosted by ), and even without being overclocked, is still pretty damned powerful...Just thinking of the games we can play on there is already making me rub my hands in anticipation...

Anyhow, you are welcome to check out whatever progress we have made, and all comments will be much appreciated...However, only Gold Members at Bit-Tech can post replies to David's Project Blog ...The rest of us tight gits will just have to mingle with the Hoi Polloi of Geekdom in General Discussion...or simply click on the link Mr G has so kindly provided in his blog.

Oh, and have I mentioned that we're planning to take over the world?


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