The Lava Trolley: Dead, Deader, Deadest!

The Lava Trolley

Or is it the lavatory???

...Either case, this little nook on blogasphere is the natural dumping ground for the sort of crap that erupts
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But hey, I promise you this is steamingly hot shit...which is probably why it's all looking a bit brown!


07 October 2005

Dead, Deader, Deadest!


No idea how my morbid thoughts led to that heading, so don't ask...

Sorry I haven't been keeping everyone up-to-date on new stuff at my site...That's because there isn't anything new there...not yet anyway. If that made no sense at all, blame it on the long day I've had, involving quite a few technical issues (Can you say 'database obituary'?).

I will be uploading more new pics of myself and Zhouyi (me daughter) soon...I've just been very busy with work...Also been trying to get more freelance jobs that're design/editorial-related, and have a couple more shoots lined up as well...

The above is just one of my new images for a retro fashion spread by Photographer Liz Preston...Unfortunately, the story hasn't yet been completed as there are a couple more shoots to go...which means more standing around in the freezing cold for me with little bits of nothing on...Brrrrr...I want my mummy!!! Image hosted by

Other stuff to come are new additions to the Mystery Place, and possibly a few more Haikus...

For those who are feeling adventurous enough to explore new e-worlds, just click them Ruby Slippers...Feel free to suggest any sites which I can include in that ever-growing collection.

God, our bed looks sooooo inviting right now...but, no rest for the eternally damned!

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