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15 September 2005

'Till death do us part...


"The change in the law that allows gay couples to have similar rights to married straight couples comes into force in England and Wales on the 5th December."

About bloody time!!!

I won't deny I was so happy to hear the news that I was almost close to tears, and it's not just because I'm bisexual, or because I have many gay friends. I suppose I'm just a romantic by nature.

Oh well...what do you expect from a Libran?! Image hosted by

I get this really heart-warming feeling from knowing that people who love each other and want to stay together for life will now be able to do so, regardless of their gender/sexuality, without having the need to explain themselves to the world because they now get legal recognition.

Whilst that's not the same thing as being fully accepted by society, it still counts for much. It's a public acknowledgement that homosexual relationships not only exist, but have every right to function in the same way as hetrosexual relationships. From an official point of view, gay couples no longer have to pretend that their lives are anything other than what they actually are.

"Some gay rights campaigners have criticised the law for stopping short of full marriage..."

There's always a 'but' somewhere... Image hosted by

Still, it's one step in the right direction...even though it's made me curious as to what the differences are between both contracts.

And what about that ridiculous law which states that buggery's a crime???

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  • At 15/9/05 20:48, Anonymous eponine1971 said…

    I think it's wonderful. Both gay marriage and sodomy if you want to be honest. But anyway, I figure this. Sex is a primal need. No one knows for sure why people are attracted to who they're attracted to or why people enjoy certain sexual acts over others. Asking a person gay or straight what they like in the bedroom is violating their privacy. I'm certain no one would like it publicized what they like. Two, hetero or gay it's in us all. And three, who are we to say that loving someone, anyone is wrong. It's a beautiful thing to look at someone and see your forever.

  • At 15/9/05 21:57, Blogger Charme said…

    "It's a beautiful thing to look at someone and see your forever."

    And that's a beautiful way to put it. :-)


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