The Lava Trolley: September 2005

The Lava Trolley

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...Either case, this little nook on blogasphere is the natural dumping ground for the sort of crap that erupts
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But hey, I promise you this is steamingly hot shit...which is probably why it's all looking a bit brown!


26 September 2005

NEVER investigate strange noises!!!


I had thought to use an image from Ju-On (or The Grudge for those of you who don't know), but just looking at the picture gave me the heebie jeebies, so that came straight off, and I decided to use something that wouldn't turn me into the female version of Einstein, even if it isn't terribly relevant.

Anyhow, it was watching Contact that prompted me to post this drivel...that and the sheer misery of trawling through whatever's happening in the news...I update the news bulletin daily as part of my job, and you rarely read about anything that lifts your spirit ( pun intended) these days, so time for something less heavy-going.

David and I were chatting to a mate of ours after Contact, and discussing the best Sci-Fi and Horror films, and of course we all disagreed with one another as per rapidly descended into chaos after that, although that might have been due to the nasty business of Andy's dogs farting after devouring cans of baked beans...another story in itself which I assure you is no less unnerving.

I can't seem to make up my mind (too much to choose from!!!), so thought I'd ask what people think.

Sooo...what do you think is the best Sci-Fi or Horror movie?

Discount all Star Wars episodes, 'cos that's a cult classic, and I don't want my blog to turn into a fan club with Star Wars dominating the whole discussion Image hosted by , thank you very much...I know how some of us could go on and on forever about le force!

And also, do not include Thrillers like Scream or Jaws etc as there were no supernatural/paranormal elements involved (then again, Interview with a Vampire should be classed as Horror, but isn't really...More along the lines of Fantasy, but that's just my opinion), or films like Sixth Sense and The Others because even though I enjoyed watching them, they were more tragic than terrifying.

I think one of the best Horror DVDs I watched recently was 28 Days...though whether it falls under that category is debatable (Hmmm...this word seems to be cropping up quite often here). There may be zombies in it, but it was a virus that turned their brains mushy and appetite cannabalistic, so one could argue it is also a Sci-Fi/Thriller. I guess we're bound to come across quite a few films with overlapping genres.

Either case, the cushion rating for 28 Days is quite high...from my point of view anyway. But it's never a good idea to trust my ratings as I'm such a big pussy. I mean, you're talking about someone who only managed to survive 13 Ghosts from behind a fortress of bedding for crying out loud, and I certainly didn't last long enough to acquaint myself with the Zombie Flesh Eaters before running for the hills! Image hosted by

I think the only other instance when I was compelled to flee from something I saw on screen was my first (accidental) introduction to XXX porn (and subsequently, sex...didn't even know what a love-bite was at the time) was when I was 15...but don't worry, horrified as I was then, it takes a lot more to scar me for life, and I have most definitely recovered from my initial reaction! Image hosted by

...I can deal with the rational, but anything involving 'the unexplained' and you won't find me anyplace but under the covers (shivering away) where the Bogeyman can't get me!


15 September 2005

'Till death do us part...


"The change in the law that allows gay couples to have similar rights to married straight couples comes into force in England and Wales on the 5th December."

About bloody time!!!

I won't deny I was so happy to hear the news that I was almost close to tears, and it's not just because I'm bisexual, or because I have many gay friends. I suppose I'm just a romantic by nature.

Oh well...what do you expect from a Libran?! Image hosted by

I get this really heart-warming feeling from knowing that people who love each other and want to stay together for life will now be able to do so, regardless of their gender/sexuality, without having the need to explain themselves to the world because they now get legal recognition.

Whilst that's not the same thing as being fully accepted by society, it still counts for much. It's a public acknowledgement that homosexual relationships not only exist, but have every right to function in the same way as hetrosexual relationships. From an official point of view, gay couples no longer have to pretend that their lives are anything other than what they actually are.

"Some gay rights campaigners have criticised the law for stopping short of full marriage..."

There's always a 'but' somewhere... Image hosted by

Still, it's one step in the right direction...even though it's made me curious as to what the differences are between both contracts.

And what about that ridiculous law which states that buggery's a crime???

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11 September 2005

Where's the love???


"After Hurricane Katrina, a new section of the American public is waking up to the wretchedness of the administration's policies and to the disasters that have hit Americans as a result. Today's Iraq is worse than yesterday's, and there are not enough helicopters to tackle the hurricane. Bush and his administration will be judged by history."
Helloooo??? People are dying here, in case you haven't noticed...Pointing fingers and standing around bickering ain't gonna save any lives.


Truth to tell, I am less disgusted by the US's response to the catastrophe than at the propensity of certain individuals to cast blame.

I'll admit, when news of the hurricane reached UK shores, I didn't follow it all that closely as I assumed the US would probably have it all in hand. It's not the first time such natural disasters have stormed all over US states, and the whole thing would probably blow over in no time because they must already have some sort of system in place to deal with it.


Although it has now become apparent that Bush and his government are struggling with the situation, it's hardly the time for criticism.

Don't you think a little more help pitching in, and less bitching would go a lot further?

"I just think our focus is different - not to find the bad in the situation, but solutions to help."
This young African-American lady has the right idea.

So the US has made mistakes (Hasn't everyone?), and maybe its administration policies need a little more work, but there's time enough to sort all that out after the current predicament has been dealt with.


"The dead are only beginning to be gathered up. In Aceh and Thailand's beach
resorts, those killed by the tsunami last December received the due respect
of swift recovery, followed by identification. New Orleans people will not
let Mr Bush forget this. "

How fond they are of comparing the Tsunami in Asia with Hurricane Katrina...

All nations and people are subject to low points at various stages of their existence...What makes us think that Super Powers are somehow exempt from such instances?

"New Orleans descends into anarchy, with reports of looting, shootings,
carjackings and rapes. The local police force is ordered to focus its efforts on
tackling lawlessness."
That's another similarity between both calamities. In Asia, they had to contend with gangs kidnapping young orphaned children and selling them into the sex trade. If you feel the need to find fault with something, here lies a more appropriate scrapegoat.

I'm not just deeply saddened by the loss of lives, homes and jobs in New Orleans but also by the devastation of its culture. The Big Easy is one of the few places I've always wanted to visit in the United States (well, apart from Disney Land in LA...and maybe Charleston)...Something about the French Quarter, the mix of Latin, African-Carribean, Creole, its architecture, food, art and all that Jazz...

Now it's all gone...Acres and acres of history (or rather 80% of it, according to sources) drowned in more than 20 feet of water.


You can celebrate Madi Gras anywhere, but it's just not the same unless it's in New Orleans. Image hosted by

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