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09 August 2005

It's a bloomin' circus...


Now, I can understand why putting animals behind bars is cruel, but should we view working animals as an atrocity?

It's only a thought...I haven't really got a stand on this as I'm still brooding over it...Must have been the dead squirrel I saw this morning that set it off...The poor thing had been hit by a car, but somehow managed to crawl onto the pavement before popping its furry clogs.

The way I see it is - So long as the animals are well looked after, and are given as much freedom as possible in a natural (albeit pseudo) habitat (say a small nature reserve etc, as opposed to a cage!), and not tortured with chains and whips, I can see no harm in them engaging in relevant employment.

The argument against this is that it's all rather unnatural, and that these creatures never asked to be domesticated thus...

Well, neither did us humans...

Had we clung to our primitive instincts and not evolved up to the top of the food chain, we'd most likely still be scratching a living in a cave (That'll keep the tree-huggers happy!)...As it is, most of us work day-in and day-out, just so we can afford to have a roof over our heads, and our bank account in credit...And yet, by the time it comes for us to rest, we're too tired to enjoy our hard-earned bounty, let alone merit a round of applause!!!


And in addition, we are responsible for our personal hygiene, cleaning our homes, feeding ourselves etc etc etc. Still, we survive, and carry on without complaints (most of the time...well, not like we have a choice!). Some of us are even lucky enough to have a job that satisfies us...much in the same way a canine might enjoy sniffing things out or chasing after things, I suppose...Loads of lovely tidbits at the end of it, with plenty of praise and cuddles to boot, and they've got a reason to keep their tails wagging.

Give me a dog's life anytime!


PS - Forgot to add...Happy National Day to all my friends from Singapore!

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  • At 11/8/05 19:28, Blogger Owen said…

    I don't think there's a huge problem with animals in cages. The problem is when they're turned to the wild and can't fend for themselves. A lot of species would be extinct without human interference. Then again, a lot would still be around...

  • At 11/8/05 19:43, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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  • At 11/8/05 20:15, Anonymous eponine1971 said…

    Someone has a blog on 'annual credit reports online'? Hm, interesting....

    Anyway, I am quite conflicted on the issue myself. (write this down guys, it doesn't happen often). First, in the wild, there is no play. All the things they do from baby to adulthood is learn hunting and survival skills. In captivity, they don't have to worry about that. So most of what they are trained to do is some sort of something they would learn in the wild. Bears on bicycles don't count. For instance, Brother Bear the movie was fashioned after these two bears that lived in captivity. They have acres of land to roam on. They have generations of one family that tends to them and their off-spring. And they help educate people about bears in general. For instance, did you know that bears actually prefer to walk on two legs instead of four? I didn't until I saw them at the fair.

    When it goes wrong so to speak. Well I suppose the last example is Sigman in Roy. But when they interviewed them, there was another explanation. One, Roy said that the tiger was actually trying to save him. He said he had some sort of a stroke and the tiger could sense it. The tiger did the only thing he knew how to. He grabbed him by the neck and took him backstage where he could get help. Now, the tiger didn't realize he was hurting him. The tiger doesn't know that we don't have extra flesh and skin in that area. The tiger wasn't trying to kill him or eat him otherwise he would have thrashed him around and clawed at him. No, he just calmly took him backstage. Also, if it is any indication, they still have that tiger. All their animals live in a very spacious habitat where they form families and such.

    Had we not seen that tape and heard Roy speak, we would simply believe that the tiger was just vicious. I think the tragedy was awful. But I think Roy's knowledge and love for his animals made us all see things differently.

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  • At 18/8/05 17:32, Blogger Charme said…

    Whoa...I go off for a few days, and look what I find when I get back! Anyhow, ta for all the comments...I tried clicking those links you peeps posted, but a couple of them don't work (Internet Games - which led me to some Children's Research Centre, and Annual Credit Reports just appears to be a list of Ad Sense links...hmmm...).

    Anyhow...back to this issue about animals...One of my mates at work and I were just chatting about vegetarians and vegans the other day...He used to do do a degree in animal science/ecology or something similar, and apparently, plants have a nervous system too. And they can actually communicate with one another...If you see a certain bush attacked by caterpillars, you'll notice that bushes around it will be ok. That's because the bush being chewed to death has sent out a signal to the other plants who would then release some sort of chemical to make themselves taste bad...This isn't entirely new to me...There has been evidence that trees give off certain vibrations when they're being cut down...Screaming in pain perhaps? Well, my mate Stuart said something really wise to me...Everyone draws the line somewhere...Just because some one draws theirs at a point slightly higher then yours doesn't give you a right to condemn them...You can't expect everyone to be like you.


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