The Lava Trolley: Isn't it MOO-vellous???

The Lava Trolley

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26 August 2005

Isn't it MOO-vellous???


Believe it or not, this is actually someone's computer...or rather, his CPU...It was built from scratch by the owner using one of those large milk urns.

Image hosted by MAXIMUM RESPECT!!!

We're hoping to modify my PC too, so that it'll look like a retro hi-hi...Here's the 'blueprint':

(Yes, we designed this ourselves.)


ICHIBAN!!! Image hosted by

It will have amber/white LEDs, and amber light glowing through the mesh at the sides. Trickiest bit to fit would most likely be the indicators/barometers/equalizers/whatever-they're-called...Not to worry, we have a cunning plan...

But first, we need to get the dosh to finance this project...any kind volunteers feeling particularly wealthy today? Image hosted by

For more info about modz, check out Bit-Tech.

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