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06 August 2005



*Note: Do not continue if you have yet to read the latest instalment of Harry Potter as this entry contains spoilers.



I can't believe Dumbledore's dead!!! *GASP* Shock...Horror!!! Image hosted by

First Sirius, now Dumby...Who next? All the good guys are dropping like flies!!!

As you can tell, The Half-Blood Prince is no less gripping than its predecessors. I had originally planned to wait for the paperback version to come out, but alas, have sucuumbed to temptation and got myself the hardback from Tesco's, which I promptly finished reading within 24 hours...

Everyone's now speculating what the outcome will be...Is Harry the 6th Horcrux? Hmm...maybe, though it's not like Rowling to make things so easy for readers to suss out...Furthermore, no matter how unintentional its making had been, I'm sure Voldemort would be aware of where bits of his soul reside, making the notion of Harry as a Horcrux highly unlikely, given the fact that he-who-must-not-be-named keeps trying to do 'the-chosen-one' in!

Is Snape only pretending to be Voldemort's underling? (Highly possible...He does have some redeeming qualities, after all...well, not a lot, but...Hmmm...maybe Dumbledore planned his 'murder' so that Snape's role as the dark lord's follower would seem more convincing? Nope...maybe not...too obvious...) I have to admit I have a strange feeling it's not the last we'll hear of Dumbledore, or of Sirius either...How they will be resurrected remains to be seen though...Rowling's going to have to work some of her mojo to keep the end from being predictable, without upsetting us potty muggle fans by killing off more heroes/heroines!

Mind you, Rowling's overlooked certain 'loopholes' in the plot of her most recent offering...I'm not entirely convinced that Dumbledore's death couldn't have been prevented...I mean, it's all a wee bit 'Hollywood' if you ask me!

With that huge vat of Luck, sorry...Luck Potion (was thinking of Red Dwarf there!) still left in the Slughorn's classroom, I find it difficult to believe no one thought of using it when Harry and Hogwart's Headmaster went hunting for that Horcrux (and yet Potter was happily dealing out his personal stash to his mates before he left)...Also, why didn't Dumbledore release Harry from the spell once it was clear none of the Death Eaters on the tower knew he was lurking there in his invisible cloak???

Plus, the bites Bill got from that werewolf fellow...Could Falkes not heal them?

"This potion cannot be parted by hand, Vanished, parted, scooped up
or siphoned away, nor can it be Transfigured, Charmed or otherwise made to
change its nature." how would you explain the crystal goblet you miraculously appropriated to 'scoop' up the contents of that basin? Ah, but I's magic...Hmmm...flakey...very flakey...Somehow, that explanation is just a little too pat for my liking!

Still, it's got to be better than watching the films!!!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
The Harry Potter Boxed Set


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  • At 9/8/05 03:04, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You don't like the movies? Oh, I love them. Now call me crazy but I'm a little too old to be reading harry potter. I could be just nuts because my mom is totally addicted. I got her the book when it came out and she finished it in 24 hours too. Hell, she was re-reading 5 just to try to wait patiently for the release. It's quite funny. I think I'm going to wait until my kids are a little older to start reading it to them. But we'll see. I find the whole thing rather enchanting. I don't think we've had a phenomenon like this since the Wizzard of Oz books. If you ever watch the back story to that movie, you see exactly how enchanted those generations were with those books. Even the woman who played the wicked witch was so pleased to just be a part of it. Anyway, I think it's wonderful and the movies are just magical, no pun intended.

  • At 9/8/05 18:29, Blogger Charme said…

    Well, my main issue with the movies is that the child leads aren't very good actors...They're a little too wooden (the adults are fine, of course...good casting there, and effects spot-on as well)...Many of them were picked simply because they 'looked' the part...Furthermore, a lot of the humour was lost when translated to celluloid...I just feel that watching the films cannot compare with reading the books themselves...

    Yeah, I do know what you mean by them being addictive!!! Some of my mates scoffed at all the hype, and yet couldn't put the books down (even going to the extent of fighting me for them!) when they finally put their reservations aside and gave in curiosity. And you're right to wait. I've found that the books are more suitable for older kids because of the dark themes that are dealt with in the story.


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