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03 June 2005

There's a reason I named my daughter 'Oracle'...


...And it's got nothing to do with any computer programs or a certain movie starring Keanu Reeves...

Just thought I'd share that before I go on about more techie stuff...

I'm well-chuffed with myself, since I've managed to pick up quite a bit about CSS and RSS feeds in one day...which is really great as this means I have more tools to use when re-vamping my site...Next on my list is Flash...will be ready to shift everything to my new domain and launch it once I've mastered that...Yay!!! Image hosted by Just got to upgrade my new account so I can upload my site using our existing broadband connection...

Don't you just love it when you learn new things...It actually gives me a high...or is that just the geek in me that's talking? Image hosted by

I get an adrenaline rush everytime this happens...ars potens est - knowledge is power...which incidentally, was my school's motto when I was a kid...I must have subconciously adopted it as my own...think of all I could do with the new stuff I've learnt!

This really must be the whole point of acquire new intelligence and to pass it on from generation to generation...But knowledge on its own means nothing until it is applied (or abused!)...The question is, will this Faustian quest bring about humanity's extinction, or will it make us as a race immortal?

One need only look at current issues concerning WMD to know what I'm talking about... Image hosted by

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