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27 June 2005

Royal Disappointment


Philippa Gregory's much anticipated latest offering isn't quite what I had hoped for...It isn't terrible, but neither is it one of her best works, and it's certainly not as gripping as The Other Boleyn Girl or The Queen's Fool...I found the characterisation a tad watery, not having done much justice to the illustrious personage which inspired the story in the first place. Having read most of Gregory's novels, I can't help but notice that most of her heroines/heroes seem to have been painted with the same brush, with more emphasis on sensationalism than plot or substance.

There is also some oversight with regards to historical accuracy. For instance, The Virgin's Lover gave the impression that the Treaty of Edinburgh 1560 (which does stipulate that the Queen of Scots would no longer assume the arms of England, though that appears to have been blatantly disregarded) only came about due to the death of Mary of Guise. It is true that her demise acted as a catalyst, however, the French had been amenable to reaching some sort of compromise on the Scottish front even before the Queen Regent died, since they were so preoccupied with religious rebellion on home ground. After the disastrous attempt to capture Leith that Spring, Elizabeth I rallied her troops and became even more resolute in achieving her goal. At the time, the French simply could not afford to provide Leith with more supplies and reinforcements indefinitely. It was more a good sense of timing than a stroke of luck (or an assassin's skill) that got England out of that predicament.

Still, it's only a work of fiction...who's going to keep track of past affairs so long as the book's entertaining?

But if you think this is going to live up to The Other Boleyn Girl, you're in for a bit of a disappointment.


The Other Boleyn Girl
The Queen's Fool
The Virgin's Lover

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