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27 June 2005

Glorified Piece of Paper


Yay!!! It's all over!!! I've finally passed!!!

Got a 2:2 which is a bit crap...But I only have my own lazy self to blame (and Neopets!!!), since most of my assignments were late submissions (so a large percentage of marks were deducted), and I only started studying for my exams two days before I had to take them! Uh oh! Image hosted by

Well, since I'm rubbish with exams anyway, I figured there wasn't much point in wasting all that effort...

No, I'm not quite sure what sort of logic that was! Image hosted by

Anyhow, it's better than a 3rd, and infinitely better than failing (which was what I had initially expected). Gosh! It's almost a miracle I scraped through considering everything I'd done (or rather, NOT done)!

Oh well, that's what you get when you opt to do a course (Journalism in my case) that you later discover doesn't interest you...I suppose suffering from a mental/personality disorder doesn't help least that's now behind me, and I can pursue an MA in Fashion or something design-related...That's when the real fun begins!

You'll soon see piccies of me in a silly hat...Let's hope I don't trip over my over-sized gown!!! Fingers crossed! Image hosted by

PS - Oh...forgot to add...I'll be away from 30 June to 19 July to visit family down south and to spend a week of relaxation at the Lake District...No worries...Will reply to all messages as soon as I get back.

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