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22 June 2005

Beauty: An exact science?


"Looks don't matter" appears to be the favourite refrain of my many fellow net prowlers if the Fat-or-Skinny polls and debates I find on various (practically ALL) online communities are a true reflection of general opinion.

After being regaled with one too many lofty pronouncements rejecting physical attraction as the basis for founding a relationship, I have decided that enough is enough, and shall now proceed to dispel that particular naïveté, or dare I say...hypocrisy.

Consider this:

You have just entered a club, and have the choice of chatting up two individuals lounging by the bar, both of whom are strangers to you, one being more appealing to the eye, and the other, well...not. Who would you approach?

Remember that you know nothing about them but what they look like...

I'll wager that the majority of us would make a beeline for the person who's better-looking. Granted, there are exceptions...In a manner reminiscent of one Nobel Prize winner, a friend confided that he was more likely to target the less attractive female as:

a) he would have a better chance with her
b) she would more likely be a nicer or more intelligent individual

All well and good, except my point has already been made...His decision was still based on looks alone, regardless of his choice.

This exercise in human behaviour has nonetheless drawn my attention to a widespread attitude towards Beauty...Often we hear anecdotes about Bimbos/Himbos - people abundant in the looks department, but sadly lacking in others. Yet, this presumption has no factual grounding as some of us are only all too eager to believe.

On the contrary, the more beautiful a person is, the probability that he/she is intelligent stands to be higher. Before I go any further, allow me to acquaint you with the Divine Ratio, otherwise known as Phi, of 1:1.618...the formula that is ubiquitous throughout all of Nature's creations. I shan't elaborate on this right now as evidence of such research can be found all over the net (see below...It's not the first time studies have been made on this subject), except to add that this is a matter of proportion...The fibonacci equation is relevant only when physical attributes are assessed in relation to other qualities. A feature (or a part of it) on its own bears little significance in terms of symmetry, which is why the 'mask' shown in the image above is culture-fair and not gender specific. It can be used as a yardstick regardless of a person's racial heritage. Basically, the closer one comes to fulfilling the Divine Ratio, the greater one's chance of being found attractive by a larger number of the population...bearing in mind that nothing is perfect.

My main objective here is to put foward the hypothesis that Beauty frequently equals Brains. If a being has satisfied all of Nature's criteria on the outside, it stands to reason that it has, more likely than not, met all the requirements on the inside...The latter being a reference to the internal workings of the anatomy (Grey/White matter included), rather than personality. A well-formed body usually points to dexterity in the cerebral regions and vice versa. Intelligence is a sign of health, and Beauty is merely a manifestation of "signals that indicate health, fertility, and sexual receptiveness".

I'll concede that this may not always be the case...Even Nature's experiments do go wrong from time to time, and I am certain we can find many examples of such instances in life. (At this juncture, I would like to remind the reader that Ignorance does not necessarily signify dubious mental capacity.) And yet, it is rare to encounter an ill-rooted tree still standing, let alone flourishing and blooming while rotten at the core. There is enough logic in this argument to validate a theory seeking to refute the prejudice that has spawned the bacronym "body impressive, brain optional".

"Mathematics is a human invention . . .but
nature dictated to human beings what mathematics to invent"

- Astrophysicist Mario Levio
Using mathematics to define Beauty may seem a little ridiculous at first, but the magic number Nature has seen fit to impose on all her subjects makes one give pause for thought. Those propounding this ideal have been accused of only seeing the Golden Ratio where they want, with the aim of pursuing their own motives (Eg. Dr. Stephen Marquardt). However, the same could also be said of those who challenge the existence of this geometry. After all, the notion that pulchritude will remain ever-elusive by staying only a few decimal places ahead is a little hard to swallow.

It all seems a little too coincidental that in the many tests done to affirm the prevalence of Phi, the resulting calculations border uncannily on the Golden Mean...Those who have been commonly acknowledged as the benefactors of Nature's bounty, such as models, actresses etc etc, have been discovered to fit the mould best. Even animals have the inbuilt mechanism to recognise such traits in their kind, and we are no different. The eye will adhere to Nature's dictates, whatever our preferences.

All too frequently do many of us confuse Beauty with Sex Appeal - an element that is more about personal taste, usually influenced by one's education and past experiences thus allowing the mind to overwrite much of its biological protocols, and less about the laws of physics. Science has yet to discover the exact properties which make up what mankind deems to be the 'right' package, though it is universally accepted that personality does play a huge part. Whilst outward appearance could lead to the start of a beautiful relationship, it is all the other factors that determine the endurance of one.

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